Saturday, January 15, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Okay. Well as you may know, I spent the last few months of 2010 knitting scarves.  I usually had 6 going at the same time to break up the boredom of the same color all the time. I was the knitter, my mother-in-law provided the yarn.  A couple of the scarves went to friends, but most went to family as Christmas presents.  I found some patterns for hats, mittens, arm warmers and leg warmers that I plan to try later. These scarves are team colors, school colors and favorites people liked.  I did an Orange and Black for the  Cincinnati Bengals, and Orange and  Brown for the Cleveland Browns, and the Green and Gold for the Green Bay Packers and for my High school, the Frank W. Cox Falcons. There is a catch to that one….the stripes are 7-5-7…the Virginia phone exchange….and 75 for the year I graduated! The 2 tone blue was for my middle son who picked his yarn out a long time ago and waited patiently for me to finish

January 8 001 January 8 204 January 8 205

Then our good friend Anne, from across the big pond, gave me a pattern for these cute Easter chicks.  Following her instructions ( an pulling out my handy dandy “how to Knit” pocket cheat sheet) I tried one.  I don’t know if it was the size yarn, or the size of the needles, but Anne told me they fit a Cadbury egg….Mine fit the medium plastic hide and seek eggs!  But they are really cute and use very little yarn so I now have something to use up all that scrap yarn I have.  I have 2 others made so far, and they are slightly larger as I used a size 6 needle on them and a size 4 on these.

January 8 206

I haven’t given up on scarves.  I just emptied all the needles and now work on 1 scarf at a time.  So far, I have finished 5 this year….on top of working on the chicks.

Easter is several months away. I have no idea what I will do with all the chicks I knit….And I am going to try different yarns and different size needles. I think they would be cute to give as presents or even use for hide and seek since I can fill the plastic eggs with surprises. Ann used a really cute yarn to make “fuzzy” chicks.

So I will be going to the craft stores often….when I have the extra funds….

I still go to my grandson’s basketball games on Saturday. 

January 8 034 my grandson with the ball and a new haircut

January 8 035 January 8 073

I haven’t seen his sister or older brother in a couple of weeks….The last time I saw his older brother was the day I went to his house to give him ingredients for Tuna casserole before Christmas.  At 12, he is really learning how to cook through my recipes. I enjoy teaching him even if it is by text message.

My oldest son should be coming “home” today.  I cooked a turkey, made home made noodles, and gravy…and made some corn bread dressing.  Later I will peel some potatoes and make mashed potatoes if they want them.

Now…..if I could just teach my middle son to fill the gas tank when he uses the car and that $80 a month does not pay a $40 phone bill AND pay for gasoline, food, sodas, internet, etc……He’s 27 and he needs to learn that Mom can not pay for everything!

Tomorrow, my mother-in-law and I are going to a new Bingo Hall to try our luck…..Today we went to the store so she could get a few things and I had my lottery envelope with me.  I scanned all the old tickets and found a $2 winner!! I have won more money on the lottery this year than ever before….

So maybe….this will be a good year for me!

Hugs and lots of love to all my friends!!!


  1. I wish I could get back into crocheting, but can't get off here long enough. Besides mine isn't as nice as yours. I can't use the knitting needles anyhow.

  2. PS, hope your lottery tickets start winning big.