Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dang Computer!!!

Okay….so today I got up ready to get on the computer and check all my farmville and Facebook games…Boy did I get a surprise!  When I logged on to the computer, I got the black screen….multiple error messages and none of my things came up!

My middle son, Jeremiah the genius, went on to the computer and was able to set an account up for me to use.  When he did, it asked if we wanted to keep all the old files (photos, documents, music, etc) and we checked the yes button…..only where did it save them??  I will have to get him to come down

I never wrote down all my passwords and favorite pages in my book like I used to do….You know the pages I visit most, my blog pages, etc….so now I am trying to recover some of them by pick and peck…..You know, enter an e-mail address, the password I think works and wait for a page to open….If it doesn’t, I try again….Boy am I in trouble!

I am hoping to get everything straightened out  today but I am getting frustrated….I even had to re-set my live writer! 

luckily, I remember my e-mail addresses!

now I will spend days going to various sites trying to remember which password I used and perhaps changing all my passwords to 1 single one that maybe I wont forget!

I really want my own computer…..My youngest son brought home a Dell tower and parts to build me one……A Month Ago!!  It sits in his room where he sat it when he brought it in….I haven’t seen any progress in making “My” computer since.

I wish I could win just enough money on the lottery to get the things I want….$5,000 should do it….

Oh Yeah, I have to buy a ticket…..Figures!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

happy_new_year_by_clwoods (1)
Thank goodness 2011 is now a thing of the past!  There are many things that happened last year that I would just as soon forget….The main one is my grandchildren moving away…but it’s hard to forget that when I don’t get to see or hear from them as often as I would like now.
I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  One reason is some things I would like to change, I can’t….and the things that I need to change I know won’t happen….So why make “promises” I can’t keep. 
The thing I will say is I hope to try to keep as busy as I can this year to try to make myself happy.  I joined a Senior Center (Yes, I finally reached the “golden Age” of 55 so I am eligible for this!), I am joining the Genealogy Society to continue my research, and I joined the Photography Club.  This year I do plan on focusing more on trying to be happy and not dwelling on the depression that has taken over since the Grandchildren moved away….
I really am lost without them…but they seem to feel differently about me as I rarely hear anything from them…My oldest grandson has not contacted me in any way, shape, or form (telephone, postal mail, e-mail, facebook or text message) since October….Christmas, only 1 of the 7 grandchildren messaged me and I did text the youngest as I saw he was on-line when I was.  On my Birthday, only my youngest grand-daughter messaged me…NO cards, no presents…..not one of my family even wished me greetings….not even my children or husband.  (except for my middle son who lives with me)
When I get depressed, I vow to get my fat butt up from the computer, grab the camera or my genealogy notes …. and get out of the house.  I’ll take photos, of whatever happens to catch my eye….I’ll go to those cemeteries I have planned on roving around….I’ll involve myself with group activities when I can and try to not let my husband’s family bring me down….I’ll take my dogs for long walks in the parks and visit places I have never seen within driving range.
I would say I will “Save money for a Rainy Day”, but every time I plan to do this, something always comes up.. The car breaks down, an unexpected bill rolls in….Last year it “rained” a lot!
The good news is, my son brought home a computer tower to “build” me a computer of my own…..I may have to add a few things IF he ever gets his friend to set it up for me….The hard drive has to be wiped and reloaded with Windows XP, I may need to buy a CD/DVD burner…..and depending on the RAM I may need to add extra memory or a secondary hard drive…(I’m not holding my breath waiting).  When my older brother used to build his own computers, he always had it set up so downloads would go to one hard-drive, and the other held his program files….This way, If something damaging was downloaded, it would only damage the one hard drive and not crash the whole computer.  I have 2 small external hard drives that I store photos on….I need to get a bigger one as the more I take photos, the less room I have to back them up.  I do back them up on CD, and I have multiple flash drives I can use in a pinch….Heaven forbid I lose any of my photos!!
I will clean out my life of people who have no time for me…..
I hope next week to be able to go renew my Military Dependents ID….then find a local doctor and have a yearly physical.  The only time I have been seen by doctors in the past 8 years is when I happened to go to the ER for some reason.  Four years ago, it was the house fire and a torn cartilage in my knee…Three years ago it was the Hives caused by a coffee someone had given me and my knee again for a shot of cortisone….and last year, it was when my husband left a knife laying on a ladder that fell off and stabbed me in the ankle….As a general rule, I may get a runny nose from allergies or a cold…..which I have learned to treat with “over the counter” medications, but I am healthy.  Perhaps a little “Too” healthy…(my pants seem to “shrink” only around the waist)
I will continue to help others….whether it be taking my mother-in-law to doctors appointments or errands, shopping for the elderly lady across the street or taking photos of children…..
I really plan on just being me….not the “new” me…..just the same old me.
When July comes, I will be busy with football again…for as long as they will have me.
There are several things I will buy for myself if I have to hold yard sales to do it….things for my camera, things for my own pleasure….maybe a photo editing program for my computer….(if it ever gets finished)….maybe attend a few of the basket making classes and learn to make baskets….
But as far as making a resolution to do these things goes……I won’t go that far….I don’t want to disappoint myself or others….
I will promise to just be ME!
Hugs and Love to all!!