Sunday, August 5, 2012

Did someone say Football?

Last Monday was the first day of youth football. The team is smaller this year….only 24 players considering we usually have 30+ every other year…..and smaller in that we have a younger team with our 9 newly drafted players.

On Tuesday, the head coach asked me if I was okay with being the “Team Grandma”….(instead of the Team Mom)…..which I gladly excepted.  I was introduced to the parents that way at the Wednesday parent Meeting….

I went home and set up 2 things; a drink/snack list and a Team Brochure….with the names of the players and the coaches….

On Thursday, the players got their helmets and pads….and chose their numbers….I still need to get the numbers for 3 players who weren’t there on Thursday…..

The boys found out that if they wore their Jerseys to the Semi Pro League game on Saturday the 11th, they would be on the sidelines with them… Now I have to work at 6 that day, but you can bet I will be there for at least an hour and a half…..and hope my car gets me to work on time without breaking down….It has developed a sever knock that sounds like an axle I going bad.

The Semi-Pro team practices at our park on Mondays and Thursdays, so I watched them for over an hour…..

And Oh yeah, I took pictures……

Lancaster Sabres 007Lancaster Sabres 013

Lancaster Sabres 024Lancaster Sabres 038Lancaster Sabres 056Lancaster Sabres 093

Hugs and Love to All!


next you’ll be seeing more of the youth team….and maybe even some more of the “Lancaster Sabers”

Friday, August 3, 2012

In the Beginning…..a woman’s version

Caution: The following blog is the opinion of the writer and owner of this blog site.  It reflects my views and no one else's. Please comment if you feel, but understand that this is only my opinion….and you won’t change my mind!

Our bible tells us; “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

He looked down on his beautiful creation and decided it something else… needed some animals to enjoy the land, the waters and the gardens….So he created these….

Soon he looked down and realized it may not be such a good idea to allow these beautiful animals to roam alone and care for themselves….They only ate parts of some foods, left parts laying all over and then began leaving there “waste” all over the land….Soon the smell would overtake the beautiful fragrances of the flowers….They needed someone to clean up after them…..So God, in his infinite wisdom, created man and called him Adam…..

Now Adam’s job was simple.  He had everything he needed to make him comfortable.  All he had to do was keep it clean….But Adam watched the animals eating and leaving everything all over for him to clean up and decided “Why should I clean up when all they do is mess it up?”

God looked down on Adam and watched as he began to do as the animals did….Before long, there were banana peels thrown about and the beautiful gardens began to look like a pig sty.

Adam watched as the animals pro-created and not having someone of his own, he chased down whatever animal he could catch and practiced on them…..

God Looked down and decided that just wasn’t right….Here he had put these beautiful animals in this beautiful environment and here Adam was abusing them…..

So God in his infinite, although somehow now tarnished wisdom, created Woman….which he called Eve….

Now Adam had someone to look after him and clean up after him.  They could run around naked all day and Adam could chase Eve and take her anywhere in the garden he could catch her.

But Eve grew tired of this game….Not only did she have to clean up after Adam and all the animals, but she had to feed him and take care of him in other ways….

One day after a long, hard day of Adam climbing all over her and cleaning, Adam said to her “What’s for dinner?”….Well that was the straw that broke Eve’s back….She told Adam in a not so soft and tender voice “You mean to tell me with that whole garden out there, you can’t find anything to eat?”  And with that, Adam grabbed the first thing he could find…an apple…..and took a big bite.

That was the end of running around naked and having everything you could possibly want or need….From then on, man and woman were made to wear clothes and work for a living….

Now I know that’s not what the bible tell us….But my theory is the bible has flaws because it was written by a man….And as a woman we all know most men will never admit to doing anything wrong….

I know God exists….Look at a delicate orchid, a sea horse or a tall oak tree….That’s all it takes to know there must be a greater being.  I know he is a kind, gentle person…..He gave doctors the skills and the calm, steady hands to correct the imperfections of a baby’s cleft lip, cleft palate or damaged heart….

Now some may argue that if there is a God, why is there famine, floods, poverty, starvation and pollution?  Because once, God gave man something beautiful and the ability to make his own decisions and MAN chose to do the wrong things….

I also believe in heaven…..Why??? Because I believe a God who created so many things would also create a place where one could go and be happy once there life was over.  I don’t believe that such a God would condemn us to to “Burn in Hell” after suffering so much on earth….and what about the babies who never get the chance to live here on earth?  Should they be made to suffer after they have never lived, or lived short lives?….

I also know that there are many religions, with different beliefs, and different names for their Gods…..and I respect their rights in their beliefs…I don’t believe that they will “Burn in Hell” because they don’t believe in “My” God.

Now I know I’ve left you scratching your heads and wondering where all this is coming from….The answer is simple……I live with 3 men….I work more hours per week than any of them…..and still, I am the only one who gets up every morning, cares for the animals, washes the dishes, cleans the house , takes out the trash, pays the bills, cooks the meals and care for the yard and garden…..

Really…..with everything I do here, I have to believe my reward will come one day.

Hugs and love to all!