Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dang Computer!!!

Okay….so today I got up ready to get on the computer and check all my farmville and Facebook games…Boy did I get a surprise!  When I logged on to the computer, I got the black screen….multiple error messages and none of my things came up!

My middle son, Jeremiah the genius, went on to the computer and was able to set an account up for me to use.  When he did, it asked if we wanted to keep all the old files (photos, documents, music, etc) and we checked the yes button…..only where did it save them??  I will have to get him to come down

I never wrote down all my passwords and favorite pages in my book like I used to do….You know the pages I visit most, my blog pages, etc….so now I am trying to recover some of them by pick and peck…..You know, enter an e-mail address, the password I think works and wait for a page to open….If it doesn’t, I try again….Boy am I in trouble!

I am hoping to get everything straightened out  today but I am getting frustrated….I even had to re-set my live writer! 

luckily, I remember my e-mail addresses!

now I will spend days going to various sites trying to remember which password I used and perhaps changing all my passwords to 1 single one that maybe I wont forget!

I really want my own computer…..My youngest son brought home a Dell tower and parts to build me one……A Month Ago!!  It sits in his room where he sat it when he brought it in….I haven’t seen any progress in making “My” computer since.

I wish I could win just enough money on the lottery to get the things I want….$5,000 should do it….

Oh Yeah, I have to buy a ticket…..Figures!!!

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