Monday, February 20, 2012

Do you Believe?

Some people believe in Reincarnation….

They believe that they have had past lives and that you continue to be reincarnated until you “get it right”.

I’m not so sure about that…..But I would like to believe there has to be something better than this.

If I were to live another life, there are many things I would like to change.  First of all, maybe I could be born an only child of a prominent family…..Maybe born as a boy….

I’d grow up doing things I couldn’t do in this life.  Learn to play musical instruments, play team sports, go on vacations around the world or even just in my own country…. have a family that always did things together and the words “I Love You” were spoke every day.

I’d be popular.  I’d have lots of friends who wanted to be around me. I’d go to the movies and amusement parks with them.  I’d go to dances and proms.

I’d graduate with my class and go to college. 

I’d own my own successful business, own my own home and own a new car.

I’d be single; and happy.

I’ve learned that being a part of a big family isn’t always a good thing.  It isn’t always a happy life but more often than not, it’s a sacrifice.  If I wanted to do anything growing up, I had to work to pay for it.  Although it taught me a valuable lesson; “Nothing in life is free”, it left a lot to be desired.  This left little time for friends.  My clothes were bought from the discount shelves; very rarely in style….my cars were always used clunkers.

There wasn’t money for music lessons, vacations, college……I often felt like I was missing out on something.

Then I got married and had children of my own…..and the circle continued… money, no friends, used cars, no real “home” of my own….just a long line of places I either owned for a short time or rented…..and no love…..

Now I’m old…..The children are grown with children of their own and once again I am alone….Oh, I have a husband….but no love….

I don’t know who said “life is no bed of roses” must have been a lot like me.  First of all a bed of roses is painful…all those thorns….but the smell is sweet and leaves you longing for something.  Something I don’t know if I will ever have or experience…But it has to be better than feeling this alone and unloved.

If I do have another life coming; I hope it is a happier one.

Hugs and Love to all!!!

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