Sunday, August 5, 2012

Did someone say Football?

Last Monday was the first day of youth football. The team is smaller this year….only 24 players considering we usually have 30+ every other year…..and smaller in that we have a younger team with our 9 newly drafted players.

On Tuesday, the head coach asked me if I was okay with being the “Team Grandma”….(instead of the Team Mom)…..which I gladly excepted.  I was introduced to the parents that way at the Wednesday parent Meeting….

I went home and set up 2 things; a drink/snack list and a Team Brochure….with the names of the players and the coaches….

On Thursday, the players got their helmets and pads….and chose their numbers….I still need to get the numbers for 3 players who weren’t there on Thursday…..

The boys found out that if they wore their Jerseys to the Semi Pro League game on Saturday the 11th, they would be on the sidelines with them… Now I have to work at 6 that day, but you can bet I will be there for at least an hour and a half…..and hope my car gets me to work on time without breaking down….It has developed a sever knock that sounds like an axle I going bad.

The Semi-Pro team practices at our park on Mondays and Thursdays, so I watched them for over an hour…..

And Oh yeah, I took pictures……

Lancaster Sabres 007Lancaster Sabres 013

Lancaster Sabres 024Lancaster Sabres 038Lancaster Sabres 056Lancaster Sabres 093

Hugs and Love to All!


next you’ll be seeing more of the youth team….and maybe even some more of the “Lancaster Sabers”

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