Thursday, August 15, 2013

At the end of Summer

Here we are. Midway through August. All over the United States, children are preparing to go back to school. Many schools have already started back while some lucky  children won’t go back until October.

It has been a busy summer for me. I spent the summer bouncing between College and work, while spending my day off with The Lancaster Sabers Semi-pro Football team. Now I’m out of college until September 3rd and the Sabers are in the first round of playoffs.

I have been a little lazy writing here on my blog. I haven’t posted any new photos, or written any witty comments.  My brain is almost fried from all the school work. English, Math and Sociology have been a challenge, but I managed to come out of this semester with 2 A’s and a B ending up with a 3.60 average for the semester and a 3.789 average for Spring and Summer semester combined.

The fall will be fun, but the busiest semester so far.  My son has decided to go back to college with me. Together, we will be in school from 8 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday, and from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursdays. When not in school, I will be working at Walmart….and hopefully I’ll have time on Saturday to take photos at the youth football games.

Just to prove how busy I am and how my brain is being pushed to it’s limits, I have forgotten most of my passwords! now I have to keep them stored on the computer, and hope I haven’t changed them on my iPad!

Things haven’t changed that much for me. My daughter still doesn’t talk to me, I rarely hear from my grandchildren, and when I’m not in school or working I’m on Facebook or sleeping. Since the semester ended for me on August 6th, I have slept more than usual….It prevents me from missing my family and being depressed…I see them in my dreams….I have 2 more weeks to try to survive the depression.

In the fall, my classes will include Pre-Algebra, Photoshop, Photo Studio Black and White, Ceramic Dinnerware and Glass Blowing….plus some class called H.C.Cornerstone…..which is basically a “focus on Success” class….Being on the Dean’s list, I think I have figures out how to succeed…

I do hope to get an invitation to join the Honor Society.   think it would look good on a resume, and I’m working towards that right now.

I have a new car…new to me anyway since my other car decided to die on campus in April 6 days before the end of the semester..and I’m looking to upgrade my camera.  I’ve been shooting approximately 1500 photos every weekend….Maybe one of these days, I’ll be getting paid to do something I love.

I’m working on being a part of an art exhibit in September…more news on that as it gets closer….

Now…..let’s see if this will post…..or will I have to change another password…

Hugs and Love to all!


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