Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well It has happened

Windows Live Spaces stepped over the edge and pushed us to make a decision.  At first, I tried Wordpress and was so frustrated the first 2 days I almost gave up... So I started to blog here.

I sent several heated e-mails to the folks over at Windows about the wordpress problem, finally received an answer a day later and was able to finally merge everything today... So all of my old posts are over at my new wordpress page: .
At first I had a problem where I could see all the old blog posts, but the photos did not appear.  Finally today everything worked itself out and after many clicks and double checks, and walking away from frustration, I was able to calm down enough to think about posting a blog. 
I am now in both spots....Wordpress, and here.  I am now in the process of adding all my WLS friends so we can keep in touch.. I'm still not sure of the process but I am open for any and all help.
For those of you that knew me there as Samuel J Frog, welcome! I hope it won't take long for all of us to adjust our ways of thinking and posting.
I have yet to try the windows live writer here, but I am told it will work for both blogs....I hope so.  I am a little disappointed in that I am not sure if we can add video links, photo albums etc.   But hopefully, I will learn to use this quickly and be able to customize this the way I did my WLS.
Hugs and Love to all my WLS friends!


  1. Nice to see you here
    New start for us all
    Take care

  2. I like the background format...Now I will have to see how Windows Live writer will work with this...According to other people I talk to, it works great. I used it for my WordPress page and it was just as though I was on WLS again...We'll see!

  3. I jumped from WLS a couple of months ago - not realising that I was going to get the push anyway - I rather like it here.