Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordpress and it's problems

I am totally frustrated with Windows Live Spaces and  I clicked on the link to upgrade my window live sspaces to wordpress,  decided on a name and password, entered my e-mail address and got the "You will receive an e-mail in 30 minutes to activate your wordpress account".  Well, it's been over 24 hours and I still have not received that e-mail!  I don't remember what title or password I used, but I did click on another link to download all my blogs and associated photos to my computer.  Hopefully all the mean e-mails I have sent to MSN will result in an answer soon. 
In the meantime, I will blog here, and on Windows live spaces until I can no longer get on that page.
I hope all my friends from their will eventually contact me so I can add them here.

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