Saturday, November 20, 2010

Can you get calluses from Knitting?

Well, I now have been knitting for about a month.
I have completed 6 scarves, worked on a hat (that I really need to take apart and use a smaller needle for as I could hide  my dog in the “small” sixe!) and still have not made a big dent in my large box of yarn….Of course it doesn’t help that when I showed a scarf to my mother-in-law, she gave me more yarn!  Now I have bought more needles, and the yarn box has doubled in size.  I spent several hours un-tangling some partial skeins that were given to me.
scarves part 2 002
I have a few ideas for some of the scarf color schemes.  The one my mother-in-law wants is pastel pink, lavender and yellow.  I have enough of those colors to make another one exactly like it…Here’s a warning for all those thinking about doing such a project…I have 3 brands of yarn; Caron, Red Heart and Bernat….all 3 have a different shade of the “Lavender”…one is actually “Lilac”, one very slight difference in color….I remember years ago I was working with a purple yarn….I ran out and did not take a sample of the yarn I needed to the store when I was buying more.  Long story short, before it was over, I had about 10 different shades of purple!
I have several skeins of variegated yarn which I will work as their own scarf…No need to change colors, just knit until it’s long enough…One is a variegated red/white/blue which I have decided to use as the middle of a scarf with the individual colors flanking it.  There are some odd colors…like a sage green and this weird shade of brown which I decided would we nice worked together as a man’s scarf.
Plus I have pastel green, baby blue and white I will work into a scarf…And of course my “Harry Potter” house scarves….
I have pretty much learned one thing, I don’t like the smaller needles and baby and sport yarn are a real pain to work with at my speed….It just frustrates me to work slow enough to make them look nice.
I have  pattern for a baby blanket that I want to try…It’s kind of a lace pattern that I have never done….I may wait for the snow to fall to work on that. (which according to our weather man may come as early as next weekend!)
In the meantime, My grandson has graduated from Basic Training and was on a bus the very next day for his next school in North Carolina.  He called me on his cell phone and we talked for quite a long time…It was nice to hear his voice. I really miss him. My daughter took her 2 younger boys to his graduation and sent this cell phone photo to my grand-daughter, who sent  it to me.
Next Saturday, Basketball begins. And I will be out with my camera taking pictures of my grandsons again.  I was disappointed to learn that the younger one will not be wrestling this year.  His mother is too proud to ask me to help with taking over some of the practice schedule.  She still isn’t talking to me, but I have learned to let that go.
My son has my car for a few days.  He went to spend some time with his best friend and his god-daughter 2 weeks ago.  While down there, his truck broke down and he spent all his money replacing head gaskets to get it running.  Just 30 miles out on his 90 mile ride home, the truck began knocking.  He called me and I suggested he limp on the shoulder to the next exit, which just happened to be a truck stop.  He went in and asked if he could leave his truck there until this weekend.  I drove the hour trip one way to get him in time for him to go to work that day.  His friend and him are going to tow it back to his house today and see if they can figure out if this is a major repair or something simple. No word yet on that.
I have been spending most of my time in my room….watching Christmas movies and knitting. It keeps me occupied and gets me in the spirit of the season.
To all my wonderful friends, Hugs and much love! Thanks for reading and for being there to listen!

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