Monday, February 7, 2011

I’m a knitting fool!!!

I had a phone call from a sister the other day….Actually, my “baby” sister sent me a text saying our middle sister was trying to call me but couldn’t get through.  Well I was told to give her a call because she had some knitting things and wanted to ask me about them.

You see, my sister’s have a lot in common.  They both clean houses for elderly people. And at one time or another (because I am the oldest), I have taught them something.  Now I’m not that elderly, but I do know a few things about the elderly.

#1 they generally have a house full of things they have “collected” over the years. and

#2, eventually they decide to “clear” things out.  

Now this means someone is going to end up with a lot  of “good Junk”!  So I call my middle sister.  The first words out of her mouth were “How long do you talk on the phone??”.   Well my answer was, “What number are you calling?” ; as I NEVER  get actual phone calls. I get a lot of text messages, but this sister doesn’t have a cell phone, and openly admits to not knowing how to use one if she did have one.   She used a home phone number I haven’t had in over 3 years….(Just goes to show you how often we speak. )  The younger sister’s both have a condition my parents referred to as “Diarrhea of the mouth”….in other words, once they get talking, you can’t shut them up!  (Or get a word in!)

She goes on and on describing all the knitting supplies this one woman has given her.  I taught my sister how to crochet, and the only thing about knitting she knows is a little sing song from our childhood;

                “Knit one, Purl 2, drop a stitch and then your through”.

After going through naming all the things she can read the names of and describing everything without a packaging, she tells me that she has already spoke to my mother, who said she would mail the package to me if I want it….OF COURSE I WANT IT!!!  Does an alcoholic turn down a free drink?????  So she said she would meet my mother at the Laundromat the next day to give her the supplies…Now I was sitting on pins and needles waiting for the postman to bring me a second package!!

You see, last week I was looking for something and found an old digital camera that has been in my drawer for probably 4 years or more.  I had acquired it from someone second hand because they didn’t have any cables or battery charger for it.  It has a case, 2 rechargeable batteries, and 2 memory cards.  It’s so old, it’s only a 3.2 megapixel!  My cell phone is a 2 megapixel!.  But I thought it would be nice to have something to carry in my purse….I went on the internet….on….to find cables and a battery charger.  I found a battery charger for $1.99 (1.24 GBP) Of course it cost me $3 for shipping and handling!  But it was due to arrive between the 3rd and the 8th….(not here yet!)

My knitting supplies arrived from my mom on Saturday.  I was like a kid on Christmas!  I couldn’t wait to rip off the brown paper and cut the box open!

more kniting 002 

I’m Knit Rich!!!!  I have all the supplies a knitting fool could want!  There are at least 1 set of each size needles, plus at least 1 set of each size double ended needles…(I counted 17 sets of one, and 19 sets of the other!!) There are 5 new circular needles in several sizes and lengths, plus stitch counters, stitch holders, row markers, needle “mittens” ( for holding your work on the needles) yarn needles and so much more!  There was even an envelope of patterns with easy to read instructions.  Now if you add to that all the supplies I already had, there are several hundred dollars worth of knitting supplies.  (considering one package was marked $1.80 from 1976!!!)

So I’m going to be a knitting fool!  And I will probably be doing a little internet research to figure out how to use some of the items….like this thing….


But in the meantime, I am still working on scarves and chicks.

more kniting 001 So for all my internet friends, I will say Happy February!  May you have an early Spring as several different Ground hogs here predicted.

Hugs and Love to all reading!!!






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