Sunday, April 24, 2011

April Showers…or Where’s the boat???

Another weekend is gone.

My Grandson came over about 10 days ago and stayed for his entire Spring Break.  It’s nice to have him here.  We don’t do much…I buy him his favorite snacks…Cheeze-its, ice cream for milk shakes, popcorn, beef sticks and Coke….I make his favorite meals….We watch TV, play on the computer and talk….Just having him here is a great joy.  I have to enjoy these last few weeks as I don’t know how long it will be before I get to hear fro him or see him once his mother moves them away in June. I’ll miss our time together….

Easter was just another day….no candy or big family dinner….to Easter Egg hunt with the children…Same thing I always do, knit, watch TV and wait……

Easter weekend 11 (2)

I’ve been making plans for my future. I’m sending off for the Ohio Festivals brochure . The weekend of May 5th is the Wild Turkey Festival in McArthur near where my Aunt lives… I am thinking about asking my grandson if he’d like to go with me for a few hours of fun, and to see my aunt.

I am going to offer my services to the football team this year.  I will help them in any way they need me….even though watching the boys play will remind me that my grandsons….my heart….won’t be there and I won’t be watching them play.  I can only hope that my grandchildren will find a way to send me photos of them….and keep hoping that one day, my daughter will realize how much she has hurt me….and I will see them again.

Easter weekend 11 (20)

the football field with water on the home side that completely covers half the field

Easter weekend 11 (14) The Parking lot…in mid construction

And I have my camera.  I took it out this weekend to take some photos of our “new” lake…..the football field and parking lot….Why the city keeps using fill every year instead of installing drains that empty into the river that borders one side of the parking lot and pave the lot , I’ll never know!  They would spend less money in the long run, and solve the drainage problem… I guess you have to be a college graduate to figure that one out.

Easter weekend 11 (19)the Practice field.


The rain has not let up…I’m going to need Noah’s boat building plans if it keeps up.  And it does nothing for my mood…Nothing good anyway!

Easter weekend 2011 008 River by the Junior HighEaster weekend 2011 011trees by the High School

And of course, I am going to make a T-shirt quilt.  Right now, I am just biding my time.  I don’t really want to start anything yet, and I need a sewing machine….Unfortunately, neither the Lottery God, or the Class Action Lawsuit I am waiting on has brought a windfall of money. 

Someday, I’d even like to buy my own computer…

Until then, I am stuck using my son’s and waiting in line to use it.

To all my friends, Hugs and Love! I hope you had a wonderful Easter….

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