Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Battle of the Banners

Last year during the 2010 Football season, I took up making the banners for my Grandsons’ football team, The Miller Park Vikings.  The cheer coach had been making them and she was trying, but failing to make any impression.  Some of her banners looked like they were thrown together and drawn by a 4 year old….no imagination.  I later learned she was doing them in marker.

Vs Chiefs 004

About halfway through the season, I managed to acquire enough paper to make the banners and using my son as the artist to draw figures on the banners I used Tempura paints to paint them.  They became a big hit with the parents and team. Now they could be read from the other end of the field with no problem…..and I had fun doing them.

Vikings vs Raiders 007

2010 playoff Foreman Field 001

I took up the Banner battle again this year but I have reached a point where I am getting a little burned out….Perhaps this is because my grandsons are no longer here to enjoy them.  I don’t know why, but it is getting harder and harder every game to come up with something to write on the banners. Our coaches prefer that are banners are positive statements and not the usual bashing statements like “Pound, Beat or roast” the other team.

opening day aug 27 008vs Canes 032 Vikings vs Razorbacks 9 10 11 001 Vikings vs Bulldogs 011 sept 24 103 Saturday Sept 17 270

I went on the internet and created a CD of drawings of Football  “Characters” for my son to copy.  He free hands the figures from the drawings I provide.  It doesn’t take him long to draw them .  Then I take the roll of paper out to the sidewalk in front of my house with my bucket of paint supplies and something to weigh the paper down, I begin painting.  Last week was a chore because the weather has turned dreary, and it sprinkled off and on all day.  I painted the figures on both ends and managed to get the slogan painted on outside in between showers.  It didn’t have enough time to dry so I rolled it up with a thicker absorbent paper…then later rolled it out inside, and touched it up little by little using a hair dryer to dry the paint as I went.

I have at least 5 more banners to go until the end of the season…and that is only if we don’t make it past the first level of play-offs.  This year, even the team has been in a slump.  We have only won 2 of 6 games…..But the games we have lost have only been lost by 7 points at the most. But we are 5th in the league as of last Saturday….This from a team that has spent the last 5 years in the top 4 positions with 3 2nd place, a Championship and a third place finish.

Tomorrow should be an interesting evening.  The 2 teams currently in a tie for first place (neither have lost any of their games) play at 6 p.m. before our game.  If our team is playing well, we should have no problem beating the team we play at at 7:30….they have only won 1 game so far, and that was Saturday against the only team to not win a game yet.

But I haven’t even started on the banner yet…..and I have no idea what to put on it……

Hugs and Love to all!!

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