Sunday, September 11, 2011

Well….All righty then!

So the other day, I was scrolling around Facebook through my friends pages and I came across something I was happy to see. 

 ty 2

My youngest grandson did join a Youth Football team where he lives.  The 49ers. They just started practicing so they haven’t had any games as of yet.  He has to play for a team in the 8-10 year old age group (even though he turned 11 last Sunday) because of his weight.  But my middle grandson told me (by text message) that he is the fastest kid and hardest hitting kid on his team…..Well no Kidding!! He is a “Viking” and always will be.  He played for them for 3 years straight. Although the part about the speed and hitting didn’t surprise me, the photos made me cry a little….I won’t get to watch him play.  I can only hope that more photos will get posted on his page….Or that he will use the paper, envelope and stamp I enclosed in his Birthday card to write to me.

I still do not hear from my grandchildren….I sent a text to my grand-daughter on Thursday and she was at work.  She said she had to go home and go to bed for school but that she would “Talk to me tomorrow”….So on Friday I sent her another text and she wasn’t home from school yet (It was after 2 p.m.).  I still have not “talked” to her. I wish they would think enough of me to send me a message once in awhile.

But I did manage to take a picture of the Parking lot at the football field this weekend when I went to watch the games on Saturday. 

Sept 10 2011 001 Sept 10 2011 002

Now this is almost 4 months since they “fixed” the parking lot…..I told you it was a mess and a vehicle nightmare!!

Every game, I try to take pictures of whoever is playing….Sometimes people will come up to me from other teams and ask me to take pictures of their children….which I don’t mind doing. Then I go home at the end of the day, upload the photos to my computer, separate them into folders, send some via e-mail or Facebook….and Move the folders from my (sons) computer to a hard drive….just in case….Saturday was no different…. A man with 2 sons playing gave me his phone number and said he would “friend” me so he could get the pictures….and as usual, something extra always catches my eye……

Sept 10 2011 099 

It was a bitter-sweet game for me this past Saturday.  We played the team that my oldest grandson started out playing Football for….The Razorbacks…..Last year, they were league Champions….This year they are acting too cocky to suit my tastes and I am almost embarrassed to admit we once cheered for them….While all the other teams run on to the field as a team, they WALK ( more like strut) on to the field like they are better than everyone else….Only 1 other team did this 1 time last year….and they are no longer a team.  Someone needs to knock them down a couple of pegs…Although it was a good tight game, the were the winners at 6-0 against the Vikings….this time.  We have to play them again in October and I hope by then we have figured out what to do to beat them….

And to make things worse for me, the other day I had put my little Shih-Tzu out on his chain to do his business….My mother-in-law called me over to switch out my laundry and I called to my husband to watch the dogs…Apparently while I was inside and he was “watching”, the Shih-Tzu chased a man and got a hold of his pant leg.  My husband told me he just got the pants….The next day, here come the Police….They filled out a report and asked if he had had his shots and tags which he has….although I can’t seem to find his old collar with his rabies tag on it….So my dog is under “House Arrest” for 10 days…..The very next day, the man and his wife came to my house….After threatening to suit me (“My son is a lawyer and we’ll take you to court”) and cussing at me, I decided it was time to start ignoring them until something else happens….I don’t have anything to “suit” for so good luck with that!!  Unless you want my 14 year old car or my useless husband!! I have no job, no bank accounts and I don’t even own any property…..Even this computer belongs to my 28 year old son!

So keep your fingers crossed for me…Things aren’t getting any better and the lottery isn’t hitting on my numbers!

Hugs and Love to all!!!

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