Friday, April 13, 2012

Working Stiff

I have officially been employed now for 1 week.

I work at the Wal*Mart here in town as a cashier….I have worked for 2 other Wal*Marts in the past.  The first I started in the photo lab and the second I started as a cashier and ended up in the photo lab….I don’t want to end up in the photo lab this time as there never is anyone back there whenever I go past there.  They have to work several other areas and you have to hunt them down if you need help.

Wal*Mart has changed since I worked there 3 years ago.  First, you have to wait 90 days before you can get your employee discount card.  Then they no longer issue paychecks every payday. The issue your first one….which usually is only for your 4 hour orientation day, and then you MUST set up direct deposit.

This means I received my first pay check yesterday….after taxes $25… I went in an hour early so I could go to the bank inside Wal*Mart and set up an account.  They have other means you can get paid…They have a money card you can use or you can use a pre-paid credit card (which is what I did in the past). But I decided to see what the bank could do.  An hour later, just in time to go to work, I had a new checking and savings account….with no money in either….

Next step was either on my break or before or after lunch, I would have to go to their computers and set up the direct deposit….Do you see where I am going here??  The employee has to do it all now where as the personnel representatives used to do this for you.  But I’m not done yet….I had to go on-line when I got home to the bank’s website, watch a Powerpoint presentation and print off a certificate to get $25 deposited into my savings account.  Then I had to set up on-line banking….Whoooo! It’s a good thing I have a computer!!

Another change is they no longer print schedules and post them in the store on a schedule board….You guessed it!  I have to get that on-line, too!!  For this I had to go to personnel and get my 9 digit employee number…Then it’s back on-line , fill out more profile data, set up my employee site and print the schedule….

At least I am working….which means less time to Facebook….

But I am only part-time which means no benefits and no more than 32 hours a week….

But it also means I am one sore person right now…I am not used to standing on my feet for an 8 hour shift yet.

So if you don’t see me for awhile, I am probably at work or sleeping….

Hugs and Love to all!!

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