Sunday, June 24, 2012

I’m Tired…..

I’m tired of being the one everyone else depends on….

To do all the work

To do all the photographs

To go to when they need something

To being the “Bank of Mom” (or grandma whichever the case may be)

To do all the shopping or run all the errands

To be the “Taxi” driver

To be the one no thinks about to call or invite out

When will it be MY time??

When will I be the one that everyone wants around just to be around?  To invite out to a dinner or movie?  To ask if there is something they can do for me???  To get something back for all the times I have helped others when they needed it? 

Without thinking twice, I have been the one to offer to help.  I give money out like it was the air we breathe…free and never ending.

I am there with the camera to take all the photos….but I am never in any of them….

I have heard “I will pay you back” so many times….but never received it….yet I still give…

I have taken people to doctor’s appointments, friend’s homes, the store and the hospital…..but if I needed to go somewhere and didn’t have a way, I had to walk.

And I am the one always at home, alone…..No one to talk to….No one to comfort me when I cry for no reason…..No one to tell me I am important to them…..

The only time I hear words of encouragement are from people I have only met through WLS or Facebook….most of them I have never met in person, only through on-line chats….And yet, these are the people who tell me how much I am valued…..

I am Tired……..Tired of thinking that the only way I will be remembered is On-line…..

Hugs and Love to all my Dear friends….

the ones who always think of me…..

The ones who read this

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  1. THis is a very sad post, i hope some of those you do so much for read it
    Stay strong and try take some time out for your self
    Take care