Thursday, July 26, 2012


It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here!


second day of conditioning 006second day of conditioning 070

second day of conditioning 095

These are images from the second day of football conditioning for the 2012 Football season.  Conditioning is when new players come out and show off what they have during the drills so the coaches can make their draft choices…This year, the field was mostly third graders who will be eligible to play for 4 years….

No, none of the children you will see in this year’s posts will be related to me, although I did hear there is a set of “Disbennett” brothers….(distant cousins maybe?)

Due to my work schedule, I couldn’t attend the first day of conditioning, but I did make it to the second day….

july26 012

Miller “Mayhem” coaches going over their picks.

july26 011the draft

I also went to the Draft….held today….This year will be interesting as each team will have about 23 players…(some have 24)….Now if you add up the 11 players needed for offense, and 11 players for defense; this only leaves 1 extra player…so I’m sure there will be some players playing both offense and defense.

The Miller Park Vikings have become the Miller Park Mayhem….the colors have gone from Purple and Gold to Black, Royal Blue and white. The Viking is gone….the new symbol is:



We have one new coach; Beau Rathburn…..and we have lost at least one coach, Bill Moore.

Thanks to Wal*Mart, I will be able to attend all Saturday games during the summer.  My store manager approved my temporary change of availability.  I may miss some of the week day games and some of the practices; but I will also be able to earn the team a $250 donation from Wal*mart for volunteering only 25 hours of my time…..which I will thoroughly enjoy.


But I wish it was me sitting on the sidelines watching my grandsons play again…I miss them so much…and I missed a whole season of cheering my youngest grandson on…. 

I will be thinking of him as I watch every game……………..

Hugs and love to all!

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