Sunday, October 23, 2011

It’s Over

Another chapter has been written.

Another story told.

The end has come and it was not your storybook “Happily Ever After”.

Football season for the Miller Park Vikings came to a close Saturday in a sad ending…..The play-off game against the Maher Raiders, our “arch” rivals, ended in a 26-0 loss.  There was no consoling the 15 sixth graders and the 3 year boys….Tears flowed freely…

Play-off 246

 It also brings to a close another chapter. The last year for the Miller Park Vikings as such…Next year, they will be known as the “Miller Park Mayhem”.

The first play-off game, 8 teams play.  Four teams that win go on to play on Wednesday.  Four teams take “The Walk of Shame” to the shelter house to turn in their helmets and shoulder pads.  It always seams like a long walk for the boys….There is no running….no pushing or shoving….Heads hang low and tears cover their faces and in some cases cause their “Eye Black” make-up to run.

 Play off Saturday2 622 Play-off 244

Play off Saturday2 275 Vikings Vs Raiders Play Off 259

No amount of kind words about next season being a whole new beginning will help. For teams went home; The Lanreco Hurricanes, The Glasco Patriots, The Hocking Chargers and the Miller Park Vikings.

They fought hard.  Some games were held to respectable scores….not allowing the other team to lose by much….After one team was ahead by 2 or 3 touchdowns, they would pull out their first string boys and allow the younger players in the game to maintain the score and give the other team a little chance of scoring….

One game really disturbed me….The Glasco Patriots are a new team.  They are young, and small….During the 10 game regular season, they never won a game.  They only scored 20 points all season. They placed last in the league and therefore had to play the first place team, the Cherry Street Chiefs…..The Chiefs beat them 36-0…..Highest scoring game all day….and the Chiefs never took out their biggest boys…..There was no sense in this.

I don’t know when the Banquet will be… The fund raisers this year that the team did were not very profitable… I talked to the coach and told him I would like to bring my son who helped with the banners…He said he would call me.

The coaches and families hung around long after the game was over…talking about the future.  I have already been asked to come back next year to take the photos…and I will….

What else do I have to look forward to?

Hugs and Love to all!



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