Thursday, May 17, 2012

What A Week I’ve had!

Is it over yet???

This has been (excuse my language) one Hell of a week and I am ready for something good to happen.

Last Wednesday was only my second full payday since I started working again….It is nice to have money, but this week has wiped out even most of what I had already saved.

First, I go to Wilmington to pick up my youngest son who had gone down there for a few days hoping to get his truck back on the road.  I had already sent in my renewal for AAA (a road service) as I haven’t been able to afford it for 3 years and thought I may need this in the future…..I didn’t know how soon the future would be….

When my middle son and I got to Wilmington, the youngest wasn’t ready to leave yet, so my middle son and I went to their local Walmart and did a little shopping….things I needed and had put off buying for lack of funds….you know, simple things like razors to shave my hairy legs, etc.

On the way home, we had a flat tire on my car….Luckily I had one of those “Compact” spares in the car, a 4-way and a jack….and 2 able body sons to change it….When I got back home, I went to the local tire store to get a new tire….They wanted $68 for just the tire (that included mounting and balancing)….Not wanting to be totally broke, I decided to go to the local Auto salvage yard instead….There I got a practically new tire ON the rim for only $45.. Then I went home and put it on the car….

The next day, I received news that my Husband’s Aunt Helen had passed away.  She has had many illnesses over the years and had been in and out of nursing homes and hospitals for the past month….but this was a little unexpected as she went down hill very fast….She was 75. She was the youngest sibling, and the last living sibling in the family.  Of all of my husband’s aunts and uncles, I can say I knew her the best.  I have visited her home and am close to her Daughter, grand-daughter and Great-grand- daughter Emily whom you have seen photos of.


On Saturday, while at work, my cell phone fell from my pocket…..into the toilet!

Sunday, on Mother’s day….I went out as soon as the cell phone store and put the down payment on a new Smart phone. It took me from 11 a.m. until I went to work at 5 p.m. to figure out how to work the darn thing….and I’m still not sure of some things!

LG Double play

Monday was the Viewing for Aunt Helen.  Emily was there and within 5 seconds, she had figured out how to get to the camera on my phone and was taking photos and videos, scrolling through the photos and operating it like she had one of her own!!!  Did I mention she was only 2 years old???!

Tuesday was the funeral…..I had already told all the managers at work that I might be late going in because of the funeral, but I still called the 800 number and got Corporate permission to be late.  I told Joyce and Dawn that I would stop by the funeral home after the graveside service to pick up the flowers and photo collages I had made for them and take them to her home for the wake afterwards….

Almost hours late for work, I finally get back into town…..almost…..I have another flat tire on the other side!!  A man stops to help with the tire this time and lets the car fall off the jack on to the concrete drive where I had pulled off the road….but we get the compact spare back on….Only to have more problems before I get to work…Seams like now either an axle or the rotor is bent from the fall as it’s making one heck of a racket….But I get to work okay and no one is mad or upset at me….In fact, they are wondering why I called in after they already knew I would be late!

The next day, I was visiting with Barb and she insisted on loaning me the money for a new tire…..So I go back to the salvage yard and get the mate for the one I bought the week before…..and put it on in time to go to work again….(the racket is still there)

This morning is my Day off…..

My sister woke me up to tell me that last night MY Aunt Helen passed away!!  She had just turned 76 this year.  She had been in an Assisted living Center because she needed help remembering when to take medications, etc. She was the Youngest child in my Mother’s family.

sistersmy Aunt Shirley, Aunt Helen and my mother, Margaret. 

They say it comes in 3’s……I’m almost afraid of who will be next….

One thing I do know is this past week has been very challenging, and I am ready for it to be over…..

Is it Friday yet???


Hugs and love to all!

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