Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As I walk through life

March walk 001

 Spring is trying to make sure we know that is here, despite the snow in the forecast.  For a few days, we were able to turn off the heat and even open windows when the temperature outside was higher than those numbers on the thermostat…

All over town, the buds have started to brave the weather and peak out to brighten spirits.


March walk 002

As I walked the 2 miles to pick up my grandson with my constant companion, my Shih-Tzu Dusty, I carried my camera to catch a few of the sites for you. 

March walk 003

In one weekend, I have walked 8 miles. Friday I walked the 2 miles to pick up my grandson, and together we walked the 2 miles back to my house, chatting along the way.  On Sunday, My middle son made the round trip with me, as we walked my grandson home and back.

My oldest grandson stopped in for a visit on Monday after he played a few rounds of Disc Golf.  We talked about his weekend Army Reserve meeting where he returned to the base where he did his Basic Training…..And we talked of other things, too…Girl problems, moving, family….It’s nice to have them nearby to visit when they can….

Most of my days and nights, I spend in my room; except for the time that I am on the computer…Suffice it to say, I spend about 20 hours in my room every day….Lately, I have been spending more time sleeping, and knitting while watching TV. 

matching sets (2)

Often times, I don’t even change out of my sleep clothes.  There’s no need to.  I don’t have anywhere to go, and as a general rule, no one comes to see me.  I don’t have any friends here.  The “relatives” we moved here to be closer to only are seen on holidays and at family reunions in the summertime.

The only exception to my “confinement”, is I do go to the store usually on Friday to stretch the $40 or so I have for groceries, or to pay bills….I check the mail box hoping for something besides bills and junk mail…..And occasionally, my mother-in-law will need me to come over for something.  She likes to cook big meals and give most of it to us about twice a week.  Today it was a large pan of Lasagna.  And she has been cleaning out cabinets, closets and cupboards of things she either doesn’t need or use, and just thinks we could use more.  Last week she gave me 2 large baskets of body lotions, creams, body wash and  body sprays that she had received as gifts and never used… I had myself a “Spa” day trying out different things!

For now, I am trying to think positively about the future. I live day-to-day.  And I try to live by this: 


Hugs and love to all my wonderful, supportive friends!

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