Friday, March 4, 2011

One Happy Grandma

Just a quick note to catch up on some wonderful news.

Last week I received an unexpected phone call.  My middle grandson called me and asked me to come get him.  He wanted to spend the weekend with me  He talked to his Mom and she said it was up to him,  This is one of the grandchildren I have not been allowed any contact with since October!  I did hear from him before Christmas when he texted to get my Tuna Casserole recipe. I asked him wanted to eat for dinner, and of course that’s what he wanted this time, too.

Last week of February 003  

He stayed from Friday evening until Sunday night.  We watched movies, talked, he played on the computer and showed me how to use his I-Pod touch, and I gave him an album of old family photos along with a brief genealogy page so he’d remember how the people fit in his family.  This week, he texted me and asked for Taco Salad for dinner.  My oldest grandson came over this week and he will be here for that, too.  His birthday is tomorrow. He will be 19. 

I’m happy as a lark!

But I’ haven’t given up my knitting.  A girlfriend from High school and I are doing a swap….she is buying a 50th anniversary school t-shirt for me, and I am knitting her a scarf in school colors.

More later!

Love to all who reads!

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  1. Been wondering about you. I picked up crocheting again. I'm happy for you that your Grandsons are spending time with you.