Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It’s me again, Margaret!

I hope you have taken your heart medication….

I know, I know. It’s been a long time but I have a good excuse….First off, my middle grandson revolted and now is coming over on Friday nights and leaving Sunday evenings. So between him and my 27 year old son, the computer is usually busy on the weekends. I enjoy having the grandson over again and await the day when the youngest can come too. We have a set thing we do.  He calls on Thursday with his “meal” menu for the weekend and I buy what he wants on Friday.  He likes my Tuna casserole, meatloaf and milk shakes.  This past weekend, I also made lasagna which he loved.  When he goes home, he takes a “doggie” bag of whatever is left to “tease” his brothers and sister with.  I sent home the remaining 2 portions this past weekend of the lasagna….Believe me when I say, there are NEVER any leftovers with him here!  He likes my cooking! And I buy the 5 quart buckets of ice cream….First weekend, it lasted 19 hours!!!  This past weekend, I bought 2 and I had one bowl left Monday!

And of course, It’s spring…finally although the weatherman is still talking snow!

The flowers have decided it’s okay to bloom now so I have been out taking pictures. 

Spring has sprung 2011 001 Spring has sprung 2011 002 Spring has sprung 2011 004

And I had to try to get some shots of the Super Moon!

 Spring has sprung 2011 015

Spring has sprung 2011 019 It took me awhile to find just the right setting for my camera to get the shots I wanted. I hardly ever try to take night portraits.

I have also been busy playing taxi, ambulance and nurse.  My mother in law has had cataract surgery on both eyes.  This required me to take her to the hospital in a nearby town twice for the surgeries, and 3 additional appoints in town here for each eye.  I would go over to her house every 4 hours for the first week to help her put the drops in her eyes.  Saturday morning, she called me around 3:30 a.m..  She was in pain.  She has had problems in the past with “Diverticulitis” and bowel blockages.  With her past history and just being released from her last eye surgery, I didn’t think she should chance it and took her to the Emergency room. She had vomited and had dry heaves (the worst!!!) so it sounded like she was having a reoccurrence.  Sure enough, after an x-ray and blood tests, they decided that’s exactly what she had and kept her in the hospital.  My sister in law came up for the weekend and another of her sons came Monday.  I went again on Tuesday and sat with her from 8 a.m until they finally released her at 4 p.m.  (Her doctor never makes rounds until 3 p.m.!!) She’s home now resting.

And then there is the weather….Thunderstorms and rain….which scare the living crap out of my Shih-Tzu!

Spring has sprung 2011 023 Dusty

And not to be left out….are my son’s 2 dogs!

Spring has sprung 2011 011  daisy

Spring has sprung 2011 024 cuda

As you can see white dogs all!!!! Rain and white dogs make muddy messes!

So I am still here….just staying busy.. I am still knitting up a storm.  I found a hat pattern I can follow and I love the way it turned out….so now I am making matching sets….More photos of that later!

Hugs and Love to all!!!


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