Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

There’s  a strange light in the sky today….

It’s the sun who has had rare appearances this spring. I am hoping that it decides to stay awhile. Gloomy, rainy days have been in abundance lately (23 days in April alone!! not to mention the first 4 in May as well!!) and gloomy days have led to dismal moods. So I am trying to adopt a new theory and I need your help….


That’s right “Be Positive”. I know I will have days when that is next to impossible….like the day my grandchildren move away….

I’ll be gloomy on their birthdays and holidays.  And there will be days when I see something that reminds me of them and makes me blue.  Days when I see mothers with their children, children playing sports, children laughing…..Days when I allow my mind to wander to memories.

But I am going to make a poster of this photo and put it where I can see it every day to remind; the sun will come out tomorrow.

This week I have had some ups and downs.   Three years ago, we had a house fire and moved from a very large 3 bedroom 100 year old home into the 1 bedroom with loft room duplex we live in now. By necessity, things went from the house, to a storage shed and finally into my daughter’s garage to save money. The downs were when I spent 2 days in my daughter’s garage sorting through my things stored there. The second day, (rainy and gloomy) I rented a moving truck and  my husband, youngest son and I packed everything into it.  Most of the furniture went to my husband’s flea market shed where hopefully I can make some money on it. I have a very nice 6 foot dining room table with 8 chairs, Ashley, solid wood….a portable dishwasher with butcher block top…and a child’s rocker and coffee table that I have no room for in my home.

There were books and VHS tapes that I sorted through and also gave to sell; and my son had 6 bicycles he had acquired when he was with the Scouts that also went….And my Grandson gave him an old lawn mower that they couldn’t get started this year and bought a new one.  My husband knows a man who repairs them and will pay $10 for any lawn mower in any condition.

From the storage shed in the flea market, some things were brought to the house for me to sort through here…Mostly my craft things…Boxes of Yarns and fabrics, notebooks and linens….and the couch.  Earlier in the day, before any of the men decided to get up out of bed at noon, I had taken the old twin recliner couch out the front door by myself. Now, at least they could move the other couch in the house.

Next my son and I went to the new storage rental and made one trip after another with a dolly and cart packing away boxes and totes to be sorted through later. I did get a deal on the storage, “Pay for the first month, get the second one free”; but I was about to explode when I rented the truck.  When I got the storage on Friday, I had asked about rental trucks…. $19.95 a day, 19 cents a mile….so to prevent me from overspending, I put $50 on a pre-paid VISA. I figured 30 miles would do it and it would leave me a little extra in case.  When I went to get the truck, a different lady waited on me and I found out I needed a $100 deposit! Back to the house and I asked my mother-in-law to borrow the money until the evening was up.  When they totaled the estimate up it was $55+change!!  And I would have to return the truck with the same amount of gas in it that I had picked it up with…..So now I am depressed because not only am I facing the “MOVE”, I will be in the hole money wise, also. 

Fortunately, I told my son to drive straight to the 3 places, no extra stops.  The mileage was lower than we estimated, the needle on the gas gauge didn’t move at all and I was well under my $50 limit. (well, by a few dollars, anyway)

Now I have twice as much yarn, plenty of quilting fabric, even a piece I can use for a photography backdrop! And if I get really ambitious, I can cross stitch as I have several kits, loads of pattern books and plenty of embroidery cotton. 

I also have over 50 bruises on my legs…..Don’t ask! I have no idea where they all came from. 

Hugs and love to all!! Wolfie, I am thinking of you! I hope you found a place….if I lived closer, you would definitely be invited to stay with me!

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