Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day tribute to those who serve

Lest we forget….

Our family has had over 40 members of the armed service over the many generations… One Paid the Ultimate Price. He was killed in Action and is buried in France.

Granville RussellOn my Dad’s side; One died in the War between the states at the Battle of Shiloh Tennessee. His name was John W. Allen. Research has found that he died from illness not from an injury in the battle. Two others, Phillip Cooker and Phillip Hall also served in this war. Each year, their tombstones are decorated with a flag noting their service.

Military Marker Phillip Hall  Phillip Cooker

Then there was my grandfather; who served in World War I;

Ark B Allen

And three of his sons including my father who served in several Wars including World War II, Korea and Vietnam;

Arnold R Allen  Bob Allen Paul Allen

Three Uncles who married into our clan of Allen’s also served but I do Not have a photo for these men. They are William Crow, Cameron Clark and Carl Crow. Carl earned a bronze star. William and Carl are cousins. Their graves have markers which I have some photos of, but not all. Next time I go “south” for a visit, I will get more photos.

Clark, Cameron Korea

My mother’s family also has a long line of Veterans, her among them. (My Mother and Father were both serving in Port Deposit, Maryland when they were married.)

Margaret Clark David Clark Putnam Clark

And many of her cousins:

George Currier Russell R. Clark HERBERT LORD

And a brother-in-law; Alvin Lewter, whom I don’t have any photos of.

I have been married twice. Both my father-in-laws and husbands have served;

Keith Fay Marvin Disbennett

As well as members of their families.

Disbennett 1 Harold Disbennett Glen Foor Jr Lloyd Disbennett Fred Gustufson

And the traditions continue….Many sons,

Chip Allen Terry Disbennett Mark DisbennettDavid Gustufson 

in-laws, daughters, grandsons, second and third cousins……and more

Terry Ward David Ward Michael Warner 

 Jeremiah Disbennett Shawn DisbennettKendra

Cody Basic Training 001 Andrew Andrew Currier

William Porter and Rachel Stubbs Damien Bullard Noelle Curriers brother Saul Ugarte

Elizabeth Porter Sailer 

And these are just the ones that I have photos for.  I am Missing many.  My ex was in the Air Force for a time and I had a cousin in the Navy.   Many, Many more have served…

Our greatest thanks goes out to all.


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