Monday, May 9, 2011

Single Digits

So now I am down to single digits….Only 4 weekends left with the only grand child who comes to visit. In a month, they will be gone and I have yet to be allowed time to spend with the youngest grandson.

Grandsons three grandsons

Eight more days of seeing 1 of the 4 grand children….So sad…

I don’t know if or when I’ll hear from them after they move.  They say they will text me or e-mail me….But it will be summer time…and they will be living near the beach.

I know children grow up and move out. I know they have their own lives to live.  But is it too much to ask that they at least be grown up enough to allow their children to visit with their grand parents? 

In a month, it will be 1 year since my daughter spoke to me. I can’t call her.  I’m not supposed to even have her phone number.  And when they move to Florida, I am not supposed to know where.  Will the grandchildren tell me?? I don’t know.  They have told me approximately where they are moving…And they have told me what hospital their mother will be working in. 

My oldest grandson has been saying all along that he didn’t want to move to Florida.  He wanted to attend college here in the fall.  And up until last week (at least) he had a girlfriend that he has been dating for several years.  Now I hear they had a falling out and he has decided to move to Florida. I heard other things about the falling out, but can’t repeat what was said.

Cody and Echo Cody and Echo

The saddest thing happened this past week.  My grand-daughters dog died.  She had gotten sick the Friday before and they tried their best to nurse her back to health.  Their efforts were a loss and she passed away on Tuesday evening.  My grand-daughter has not had the best of luck with “Life-long” pets. She had a parakeet that was a constant companion for her for almost 3 years.  She was heart broken when “Kiwi” died.  Her mother got her a second parakeet but it just wasn’t the same bond….and it soon died.  Then Her mother bought a registered Mini-Pin to breed with her Min-Pin/Chihuahua…

CoCoa Cocoa

(They had 1 litter . I kept the runt….Who ran away when her “Best bud/second Mom” died after a long, spoiled life.)  She had a few bad habits and my daughter allowed a supposed trainer to take her to retrain….The woman ended up giving the female away without asking my daughter.  And then I gave them “Shadow”.  She was a black lab and she filled all the holes in my grand-daughters heart caused by the losses.  She had her own first litter this year. Sadly, my grand-daughter was with her when she passed away, and couldn’t bear to say goodbye….And I can’t bear to talk to her about it because I know the wound is still too fresh.  I hope someday, she will find the pet that lasts “forever”.  But I’m afraid this may have been the last one she will try….

Mother’s day came….and went….I received a hand drawn card from 1 of my 4 children…..and nothing else.  He knew I was feeling a bit down.  He is the only one I can depend on to try to brighten my day.

Soon, my days will be all consumed with relying on my computer friends.  My days will consist of the computer, knitting, maybe a little quilting and TV.  My camera will remain in it’s case more.  My memories will be my only company.

And I will be lonesome for those grandchildren that have been the better part of my life for over 19 years.  “Kleenex’ will be my new best friend.


Hugs and Love to all!



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