Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the Nick of time

As some of you may know, the only contact I have had with my 4 grandchildren since June has been through Facebook. 

Daily, I check their pages to see if there is any news I would love to hear of their new lives so far away.  My daughter has never spoke to me again; and the last time I spoke with any of the grandchildren I was told she is still mad at me.

The youngest grandson very rarely gets on the computer from what I understand; but did play football for a team in Florida.  He had 3 years experience when he moved there; but because of his size and weight, he had to play for a younger age group…He is 11 and played with a 9-10 year old team; the 49’ers.

Tyree 49ers

His mother (my daughter) was taking photos and videos at his practices and games (nothing like what I would have been taking) then “tagging” him so they would go on his Facebook page.  I could go on to his page, see the photos of his game and watch short video clips of him playing….I’d even copy and paste the photos into my computer to look at later.  If you are familiar with this practice, you may well know that some photos done this way are of a really low quality and don’t make very good prints….but to me they are precious….my only contact with the “loves of my life”…

49ers after game bench2 Tyree

on field

I looked forward to getting up every Tuesday just to see the new photos.   This past Monday was the Championship play-off game.  They played the game at my grand-daughter’s High School; Chocowatchee Senior High.  I scrolled through the photos saving each one to look at later when I need something to cheer me up.


The 49’ers won their game and are this year’s City League Champions!  According to what my daughter posted, the game went into overtime with my grandson scoring the touchdown that tied the game, and one of his team mates scored the extra points to win it for the team.

champions 2

I posted a note under one of the photos, sharing it with my friends and saying congratulations to my grandson and the team….

Later I went on my facebook to see if anyone had commented about the photo and it was gone!!  I went back to my grandson’s facebook page and all the photos and videos of his football season were gone. My daughter has either deleted her facebook page, or made it private so I cannot view the photos…But it’s too late….although I could not copy the videos, I do have copies of the photos!  I will miss any photos of him playing in the “Turkey Bowl”  the weekend after Thanksgiving; but at least I had the chance to “see” him play the regular season.

On the other hand, I have a better surprise.  My grand-daughter who was kept from contacting me for over 8 years is now one of my Facebook friends.  She graduated in June and turned 18 in August.  I now get to talk to her and see recent photos of her…

Samantha 2011 Samantha lemon Samantha

As you may recall, the tift between my daughter and I started after my grand-daughter and her family came to my oldest grandson’s graduation and I was chastised for wanting to take a photo of her with my grandson following the ceremony. I am so happy that she wants anything to do with me; but I know she knew all along that I didn’t stay away because I wanted to…her mother kept her away from me.

Zack zack

I have also been chatting with another young grandson…He called me one day wanting to know some genealogy on the family.  At 11, he wants to know where he came from.  I have been making some charts to send him at his other Grandpa’s house where he now visits on the weekend.  He and his brother were living there until the school found out. He told me he’s been trying to convince his mom that they need to come up here for a visit.  It would be so nice and I would even travel to my brother-in-law’s farm if I had to to see them.

For now I have to be happy with that….Knowing that my grand-children do love me and they will find a way to see me again….when they are older and they get away from their unreasonable parents. 

As for the grand-daughter who I pay for her cell phone bill….she has no excuse….She graduates in June 2012.  Her cell phone contract runs out in July. She turns 18 next September…..if I don’t hear from her before then or get invited to her graduation, I will have the phone shut off…..Why should I pay the extra money for a phone that she can’t even use to call or text me….She “allows” me to be her facebook friend, but I am not allowed to make any comments….I put pictures of her on my facebook and tagged them so she could see them on her page, and she removed all the tags….erasing them from her page.

I love the holidays, but this year will not be happy ones for me.  My birthday falls between Christmas and the new year and I doubt I’ll hear from any of the grandchildren or my 2 oldest children…..

And  that will make me cry more…..

Hugs and Love to all!  

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