Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Holidays are here……


Nothing says the Holidays like Black Friday….some store now call it Blue Friday or Green Friday….but we all know what they mean…..Everyone gets there wallet out to rush the stores for the “Great” deals being offered.  You know, like the 42” TV for $200….the “camera Kit” for $49…..

The deals are so great, some people just have to act stupid….take this guy:

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a face full of Pepper spray!  There is nothing a store sells that is worth getting sprayed by someone with a can of pepper spray who just wants to be first in line….

Nor is there anything I want that is worth this:

best buy campers bilde

Or How would you like to be waiting in this line to the cash register???11-15-black-friday_full_600 utahshoppingcenter

You can search the internet all day and find images of the violence this 1 day causes….Customers and police pepper spraying other customers, police slamming people to the ground and in one case knocking a man unconscious and bloody for supposedly shop lifting while shopper use cell phones to record their total lack of concern for the unconscious man….instead letting the blood flow while they hand cuff him….A man in West Virginia trampled to death while shoppers rush past him to buy some cheap thing they will probably end up returning the day after Christmas when they realize “Cheap doesn’t mean Good”.

One thing thing needs to be clear here...If you clicked on the link and watched the video you learn several things...a) the man was trying to protect his grandson from being trampled and wanted both hands free to do so, and b) he had not left the store with anything so had not shop lifted anything yet.... Concealed, maybe, but if this man was trying to steal something, couldn't the police have waited until the man attempted to leave the store without paying??? I hope he sues Wal-Mart and gets millions of dollars for the treatment he received and never shops at Wal-mart again!

I used to work in retail….I’ve seen the crowds, the fighting over items and even shopping carts; and the long lines of returns after the holidays when the items they fought for turn out to be pieces of cheap junk…

As for me, I sit at home.  I go out in my own time and if there was something I was really interested in, and the store still has some left, I buy it then….If the items are all gone, they just weren’t meant to be mine….

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand why some people do this madness every year….To save money….I’ll save my money all year, and pay for quality items….I’m just as broke as the next guy, I just can’t see hurting someone for any reason….

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