Monday, November 7, 2011

Newest project addiction

  Last week I was hit with a sudden realization that my life is totally boring without football so I decided to do something.

I take THOUSANDS of photos…..sometimes I print them, sometimes I use them in Videos I make.  Often times though, I just move them from the camera, to the computer, to a hard drive.

Waiting to hear from the coaches about the Banquet, I decided to make something as a gift for the Head coach who I have great respect for and have worked with now for 5 seasons….I went to the local craft store and bought a scrap book.  Last month the store where I usually print all my photos had a special for their employees….of which my husband is one….50% off all photos….So I got busy.  I had 10 coupons for $1 off orders of 25 photos or more….I made up 4 packs of photos from the football games and ordered them on-line….my husband and I also get 10% off all purchases on top of the special offers….so basically I got over 100 photos for under $4!!  I placed several other orders to make sure I could use up as many of the $1 coupons I could before they expired.

My trip to the craft store was to get just the right album, some theme pages and stickers to add to the ones I had at home already….and see if there was anything new I needed to add.  I found a scrapbook that looked like a football.  Perfect! I had several pages already that were football themed and I had some football theme stickers but I found many more I wanted to use too.  Then it was all a matter of organization.

I set the album up to include a title page and a “Coaches” page….Then using the individual tea, photos I make a point to take every year, I made pages up of the individual players as a yearbook would be.  Using Vellum, I printed a team roster. Some pages were set up to go with the banners I had made this season….I printed pictures of the banners and trimmed photos to fit the pages.  I had a blast!

Not wanting to leave anyone out, I also made pages for the Cheer Leaders.  I had some cheer stickers that went along with the football stickers and added them, too. Since I didn’t take many pictures of them actually cheering, I used ones I had taken at the Cheer Expedition….so I am very thankful that I went to the Championship games.

I was so excited when I finally finished the book, that it inspired me to do more.  I have some metallic markers that I may use to get the boys to sign the inside covers of the book.

And now wit’s just a matter of waiting for the banquet to present my “Masterpiece”.

Last night, another flash of brilliance came to me….A long time ago, I had set up an scrapbook with pages to make a family scrap book….there are pages for holidays, Family Genealogy, special occasions like graduations, seasons….etc.

I have boxes of left over photos from other photo albums I have created…..I spent a couple of hours last night going through a small portion of these….my son is home today and getting ready to kick me off the computer… I am going back to my room and work on this project….I will take photos and post them later of both projects….

It should keep me out of trouble for about a week….or maybe bore….I hope!

My mood is upbeat…so the photos will bring back smiles of long ago….

Hugs and Love to all!

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