Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Santa,


It’s that time of year again.  Time for little children to tell you how good they have been and ask you for presents their parents can’t afford, can’t find in the stores or just don’t want their children having.  This year’s most popular toy is generally sold out by the time the children ask for it, anyway.

Not me.  I’m not going to lie, I have been a naughty girl this year.  Get over it!  I’m not going to change….much.  I say things that come into my mind without thinking.  I speak what’s on my mind….That will never change.  If I don’t like something, I’m not going to pretend I do.  So I have made a few people mad… Some people have cut me out of their lives, while I have had to cut others out of mine. Oh well!  I have to do what is right for me.  I’d rather be happy and alone, than to be surrounded by people who don’t care about other’s feelings.

I’m not kidding myself.  I know you can’t fit the new computer or flat screen TV that I would love to have down what is laughingly referred to as a chimney here. Besides, the fireplace has been blocked off because of the tree that fell on the chimney many years ago.  Neither will the new SUV I’d love to own.

I know you can’t bring world peace or end hunger. Or cure cancer.  Or prevent people from shooting other people, or robbing them or rape…..

I know you can’t give me the winning Lottery numbers….or help me win at Bingo….You can’t bring me “bags” full of money for me to spend however I want.

I know you can’t bring back my precious “Burrito”….my little mini-pin who ran away 18 months ago.  Or give me a small puppy like her to fill the hole in my heart.

So what would I like to have more than anything this year??  I would love to be able to see my grandchildren whenever I want….I would love to just hear their voices on the phone or even arguing in the living room.

I do believe in you, Santa Claus.  I believe in the reason for the season…..The birth of a little baby who was born, only to die on a cross for us.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I love the decorations, the snow, the songs song by carolers, the candlelight church services….

But I miss those precious grandchildren.

So if you can’t “fix” this for Christmas, maybe by my birthday….You know when it is….

I look forward to your visit.  Pet the reindeer for me….

Love always,





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