Monday, December 26, 2011

One Holiday down….

Christmas is over….Thank goodness….One less miserable day in the year for me.

I had received a text before going to dinner from the middle grandson in Florida. He was happy to tell me that he received a laptop computer and a new I-Pod from his Dad for Christmas and now he could test me more often…He thought it was also my birthday so his message had started out “Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday”.  But I told him my birthday is this Friday…but his grandfather’s birthday is Christmas.  I noticed his brother must have been on the home computer at the time and had also talked to him via text message..But he didn’t reply more than a few words.

When I first arrived to a house already half full of people (at 11 a.m.), I joined the “Potato Brigade”; peeling the 2 bags of potatoes for mashed potatoes.

I spent too many hours at a family members house sitting on the floor being ignored as usual.  At least 2 people talked to me for a few minutes and I did find “something” to do….


The big dog sitting in front of me is Destiny Dawn…when she wasn’t getting petted by someone, she was trying to get someone to play ball with her.  The other dog in the photo is Copper.  She would chase Destiny and grab her legs. Destiny would bring the tennis ball to you and chase it for hours. My brother-in-law took these photos with his cell phone…

One of the girls who talked to me (Summer, sitting on the floor with me) has 3 small children. The Youngest is an rolly poley 8 month old named Isaac…who weighs in at 21 pounds. He had the biggest grins and is a very happy baby…He loves everyone and loves to be held.  When the other adults decided to spend 6 hours playing a card game, Isaac, my son and I entertained ourselves…


Between playing fetch and holding and playing with Isaac, I also put him to sleep; while the other adults played a marathon card game of “Phase 10” (until almost 8:30 p.m.)…He had a long day and it’s hard to nap with 40+ people in 2 rooms all talking.

The other girl who talked to me was my niece. 

Children were fed first and scattered around the floor to eat. Then the younger adults went through and finally us older folks….By the time I got to the food, the turkey was looking like a pigeon, almost gone, there were a few mash potatoes, you had to really scrape the bottom and sides of the stuffing bowls put pies were aplenty. Obviously, only a few people gave their R.S.V.P. and this big a crowd was not expected…(Later I learned that I was the only one to let them know I would be bringing 3 people)….

I was so “welcomed” that I went on a 45 minute walk as I was feeling a little blue and needed time alone to cry…. and no one even noticed I was gone….Later my son and I also went on a shorter walk and only 1 person who happened to be outside knew we were gone….My Husband, tired of sitting alone, walked home around 3:30…he told me he was leaving and going home.. But no one missed him until after 7!  His own mother didn’t know he was gone until 8:30….and it was his birthday!

When I returned home, I checked Facebook to see if any of the remaining 5 grandchildren had even thought to wish me Merry Christmas…but none of the others  had thought of me.  There were plenty of “Mass Mailing” wishes from my facebook friends…and I appreciate them but it’s not the same as your family forgetting you even exist.

Now if I can just get through my birthday and the new year, I won’t have to put up with any more nonsense until at least the summer!

Hugs and Love to all!

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