Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Think, Think, Think…..

The other night while lying in bed, I had the idea for a subject I wanted to blog on….But I didn’t write it down anywhere.

It reminds me of “Winnie the Pooh”'; who would try to remember something by thumping his head with a finger and repeating the words “think, think, think”….

Every day people admire the fact that I can recall so many things from my youth….The problem is, I can’t remember where I left my glasses yesterday! 

It’s a good thing I take so many pictures….I can look through them and remember where I was or what I was doing that date in time.

My mother taught me one thing through experience; never glue or tape a photo to a page….use photo corners where the photo can be removed easily.  And go through the photos and write names on the back, so later in life, when some of those people have left this earth for their “heavenly” home, you can look at the pictures and tell the young folks around you who is in the photo….I have a whole book of photos that belong to my Dad’s family, and because most have now passed on and the ones remaining are in their 80‘s and 90’s,  no one knows who some of the people are…

There are a few things I can remember on my own….

Like I want to replace the flannel sheets that I have had for 5 years…..For some reason, the fitted sheet always wears out first….So I have several top sheets.  My mom told me that she is sending my birthday money so I can get some fleece sheets that are on sale at Wal-Mart this week….I’ve never had fleece sheets, but I do have some fleece blankets….a necessity in this cold climate to keep the chill off in winter. The other day, my husband brought one home along with a “faux sheep skin- lined flannel” blanket that the Black Friday shoppers left behind at the store he works for in their mad rush to buy cheap presents.

The other evening, I took my son to Wal-Mart to get dog food…After his last ticket, he decided not to drive until all his fines are paid and he has his license back legally….While walking through the store, I found something I would just love to have; Eeyore footed pajamas….( much like the footed pajamas we bought for our children when they were little, but these are for adults.  Last year, I bought 2 sets of footed 2-piece pajamas at K-Mart….but they don’t seam to have them this year.  The problem with the Wal-Mart pajamas would be they zip up in the front, and you just about have to strip to go to the bathroom!  The 2-piece is much more practical…

crazyforbargains_2183_3273379 2 piece Eeyore onsies 1 piece


My son bought himself a new hat:

Jesse 003


So far he has only taken it off to sleep….Every time he walks past me, I can’t help but giggle…

now I have my fingers crossed tightly…I was sitting on the computer playing my Facebook games and my mother-in-law pops on with an instant message to send my husband over if he’s home…She wanted him to do a few errands like put the trash out and buy her weekly lottery tickets….I had a dollar left from my “riches” so I had him pick up a Mega Millions number for me, too. It’s up to $87,000,000 here….(wouldn’t that make a nice Christmas present??)

I was also talking to a dear friend, Anne, on-line and she told me to give her 6 numbers for the lottery “across the big pond”.  It’s 10 million pounds, which according to my money converter is  $15,634,200.  She bought one with the same numbers so we’d split the big prize if we won….We’d both have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

One thing I would definitely do if I won either one, I would get my passport, and I would go meet these wonderful people who have become fast friends through Windows Live and Facebook!  They could show me around their countries in person and I know we would have a wonderful time.

Hugs and Love to all!!

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  1. Im with your Mum about the photos, i to have a box of photos, with people i dont know in them, it kind feel like, im not doing right by them as i dont know who they are,
    Take care