Monday, July 18, 2011

My “Big” Day out

So Friday I had big plans.

On Thursday, I went on-line to “” and completed an offer on “Vista Print” to get a free movie ticket to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II”. The offer was for a coffee mug for $1.99 with my choice of a personal photo on it.  I used a photo from my 4th of July fireworks pictures I had taken.All I had to do was select the photo, and pay for the mug and shipping to get the free ticket…about $5.  Movie tickets run between $7.50 and $9.


First I should say I have been a fan of the Harry Potter movies since a girl friend of mine introduced me to the first book when it came out. She bought the book for her grandsons, but read it first.  She liked it so much, she lent me her copy to read….Then my 2 sons read it and we were hooked.  I now have all 7 books and “Tales of the Beatlebard”; and yes I was one of those mad people who would stand in line for hours at midnight waiting for the next one to go on sale.  I have also seen all 8 movies now….and I’m a little sad at seeing them end.We all could use a little fantasy in our lives and these books and movies had it all.  After all, can’t you think of someone in your life you would love to turn into a toad or make eat slugs or “blowup”as Harry did?

My middle son has gone with me to every movie and book release.  I’m not one to go to a movie by myself, so we decided to go together to the 1:15 p.m. showing.Now this was going to have to make for some schedule changes as Fridays are usually a “run” day….run the husband to the Flea market, run to the store for groceries, run the youngest son to work, etc….I usually mow the lawn on Fridays , too but did this on Thursday evening when it was a little cooler….Temperatures in the 90s f (32c) with a heat index over 100, old age and stiff joints don’t mix well.

While mowing the lawn, my neighbor stopped me to tell me “my” fleas were jumping the fence into his yard…(Huh??) Didn’t know you could confine fleas to a single yard in the first place,  After all they do live in grass and therefore travel over vast amounts of yards…He showed me some spray he bought to use on his yard so I had my son buy a bottle along with the flea drops we use each month on our dogs.

Surprisingly, when I told my husband that if he wanted me to take him to the flea market Friday he’d have to get his butt in gear and not mope around as usual, He suggested I take him after I returned from the movie…(Let me pick myself up off the ground). And my youngest son said he’d either ride his bike or walk to work! So having settled all the transportation problems, My son and I packed 2 sodas in my oversized purse, bought candy at the Dollar Tree for the both of us and headed to the mall….What a great movie it was!  I had my doubts if I would enjoy it when a woman with at least 6 kids sat behind us and they talked all through the previews…(After all, the movie theater was less than 1/10 of the way full and they chose to sit directly behind us!!)

After the Movie, I went home and sprayed the yard down with water first as the instructions on the Flea spray said to do.  Then you let that soak for an hour or two before treating….So by the time I got back from the flea market run and the store run, the yard was ready for step 2.  My neighbors wife said the bottle is for 8000 square yards, but she ran out about half way through her front yard, not even getting to the back…Don’t know how she did it, but I covered my entire backyard twice with one bottle and still had enough for our front yard.

Next step, wash the dogs since they could not be out in the yard until it was completely dry.  I fooled the dogs by putting a leash on them and leading them to the tub where they both in turn got a flea bath (and gave me one shaking the water off!). Since I have white dogs, they  have to be completely dry before allowing them outside (to roll in the dirt). So we then snapped leashes on the 2 and I took them for a long walk to the Fairgrounds.  We were there for some time as one man passed by us 3 times in his walk around. I must have been gone too long as my youngest son was home and walking towards us as we approached our street on the way home….Our female dog, even though she is the younger of the 2, was slowing down to almost a crawl….I guess I wore her out.The male was still zig-zagging from side to side to sniff every inch for strange smells.

Now I am tired and ready for a shower. 

Saturday, I put the flea drops on them before letting them outside….to roll in dirt and look like they had never been bathed.

But I was outside for over 5 hours that day!

Hugs and Love to all!!!

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