Saturday, July 2, 2011

Woooo! Am I ever Glad!

I am so glad I don’t live any closer to my mother’s house than I do.

Don’t get me wrong!  I would love to be able to see my mother every day and visit with her whenever I wanted to; but there is one really big thing wrong with her home….DRAMA!!! And I mean every day, too much drama.

First of all, I have 2 brothers still living there.  They have both been to jail more times than I would care to even remember.  They both use drugs and drink.  Neither of them have a driver’s license but still drive.  And they fight like a bunch of wild animals!  For years they have fought and argued.  Many times the police were called and my mother’s home is considered a violent one.  by law enforcement

My middle brother, being a convicted felon, is not supposed to be around or own a gun. He doesn’t own any, but he lives in my mother’s home, where the youngest brother owns several guns.

The youngest brother has been married several times. (well, at least twice)  Both times he has come out of the marriages with more money than he’s had his whole life from any legal, gainful employment.  And both times he has spent the money foolishly.  The first time I think it took him less than 6 months to blow through the money.  He’s trying hard to do it again.  He has several guns…and when he gets mad about something, he threatens to shoot whomever he’s mad at.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in our Constitution, and I believe people have the right to own and bear arms.  Some people take it to the extreme….as in my oldest and youngest brother.  Neither live in extremely dangerous places.  My oldest lives in a rural county, and does not hunt for food.  And the youngest brother just doesn’t have any reason to own  gun except that he can and my oldest brother does…His wife is under 5 feet tall,maybe 100 pounds soaking wet, (or there about) and over 60 years old. I don’t care how many times you have practiced with a gun; when confronted by someone who is over a foot taller and maybe 2 or 3 hundred pounds heavier than you; you CAN be overpowered even with a gun even if you are the one who owns it!!

There may be some places where it may being important to own a gun.  And I am all for that.  But too many times I have read of instances where people have had their own guns taken from them and used against them.  I have read of young children and teenagers who have found their parents guns and shot people accidently with them.  Nothing is more tragic than reading about a 10 year old who accidently shot his baby sister.  And I have read many times how silly arguments among teenagers and neighbors have ended up in someone being shot; either wounding them or killing someone.

“AMARILLO -- As of Friday morning, the 22-month old girl who was shot Thursday night is listed in extremely critical condition. Police say the gun was fired by one of the girl's two brothers. Because he is less than 10 years old, the child is not criminally responsible.”

“Telferner, Texas--  A 4-year-old boy , is dead after his 5-year-old sibling shot him while playing with a bolt-action rifle in their home on Wednesday. Their parents were home at the time, although not directly supervising their kids at the moment the shooting occurred.”


“Chicago, ILLINOIS--A Chicago family is in mourning, as one of a set of five-year-old twins suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the abdomen at the hands of his brother. Five-year-old Jonathan and his twin brother had just been given their baths and were playing in their room, about to settle down for the night before their first day in kindergarten.“They were in the house playing cops and robbers and found the little gun,” said an aunt of the twins.”

“An argument between two friends on Facebook has led to a teenager shot dead and two people facing murder charges.Alysha Tann, 19, was shot to death in Texas over the weekend after an online feud with her friend Nikki Bogan, 18.”

First of all, if you do own a gun, I see no earthly reason why you should go about bragging about owning one.  If you own one for protection, I think it would be 100% better if you go through all the proper channels, get a concealed carry permit and practice with it as often as you can.  But don’t go about bragging about the type of gun, the size of it’s shells or the size hole it could leave in someone.  You are just inviting someone to break into your house while you are away or heaven forbid asleep and take the guns by force. And for god’s sake, don’t sleep with it under your mattress or pillow!!! It should be kept in a safe place. 

If you have a hunting gun, then you may be using it to boost your food stores, and there is a limit in most places on the amount of game you can take.  Here where I live, some of the hunters go out and get their limit, keep what they can use for their family and donate the rest of the meat to food pantries.  And to me this is Okay.  Some species of animals will get over run in population if they are not thinned out every year or so.  But if you don’t hunt, why own a hunting rifle??  So you can target shoot??? Don’t they have places where you can go to do that sport and rent rifles?? I know they do!!

I have 2 adult suns who live at home. They both have owned hand guns and cross bows.  They never bragged to anyone about them, never threatened to shoot anyone, and kept their guns and ammo under lock and key at all times well hidden.  NO one but us knew they had them.  Most of the time, I even forgot they were there.  When my middle son got out of the Navy and had no further use for the gun, he sold it.  After all, that was why he had bought it to begin with, for the military use.

I have spent the past several days fielding phone calls from the middle brother.  My oldest brother and family were visiting Mom last month and she had to go to court over some cars the middle brother insists upon working on in a residential neighborhood'; which is not allowed.  My mother, being the property owner is responsible for what goes on in her home and yard.  I won’t get into details, but “supposedly” she was told to evict the middle brother.  She admits that she could not hear and did not understand much of what the judge said, and I wasn’t there so I won’t speculate on what really happened.  But growing up, I do remember my father telling us that as long as there was a house, we would always have somewhere to live. 

My nephew also lives there.  His mother (my middle sister) left him and his brother with my mom when they were 8 or so.  She lives nearby, but she talks a mile a minute and like my oldest brother, “invents” things that never happened. Last week he had a friend over with a convertible that he had borrowed.  Some words were exchanged by several boys riding past when they were outside that resulted in a fire bomb being thrown into the opened roof of the car and it being burned down to the frame….in front of my mother’s home….

For these reasons, there is too much Drama in my mother’s home for me to want to go back there, even for a vacation, unless the guns were gone and I had a car to escape in when the Drama starts.

I’d rather be at home….where I can hear all the Drama but not be a part of it!

Hugs and Love to all!!!

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