Monday, July 4, 2011

Things that make you say Hmmmmm

Every year, twice a year, our little town has a big parade. July 4th and mid November for the annual Christmas parade, groups come from all over to be in the parade.

July 4th 005

Scouts, Churches, businesses (like Pizza shops, Ice cream shops, even Old Navy, Wal-Mart and Kroger), police/fire/rescue units, Service groups, the Library and Floats of all shapes and sizes.  Dance groups, Gymnasts, Boxing, Fair queens and Politicians. Marching Bands, Rest homes, hospital and Care facilities, “Meals-on-Wheels”, Antique cars, Antique Tractors, Horses, Long Horn Cows and dogs.Veterans, and Antique Military Vehicles…..You can see them all.  

July 4th 004 July 4th 006 July 4th 013

July 4th 047 July 4th 040

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have the Columbus Zoo bring a few animals.

July 4th we usually have 1 or 2 big attractions.  This year we had the Marine Corps Marching Band.  We also get a Civil War Re-encampment group….both Union and Confederates that usually set up a weekend camp at a nearby Park.

July 4th 011

We have had some nice size parades in the past where our Parade ran well over 2 hours. The children and families line the parade route to get Candy, freeze pops, snack cakes, coupons for Pizza and Ice cream, flags and Beads thrown or passed out by walkers all along the route.  Even the local Donut shop makes a pass and gives out donuts. 

July 4th 036 July 4th 037

The Parade always takes the same route.  It starts at the Fairgrounds, travels down North Columbus street to Main Street where a block later it makes a left hand turn and travels back to the Fairgrounds down Broad Street. The streets I have lived on since moving here have given me an advantage.  I live 1 block from the fairgrounds, in the middle of the parade route.  I can see the beginning of the parade all the way through, then walk to the other end of the street and watch the last half or so all the way through a second time.

It always seems to amaze me the number of people who leave one side in their cars, turn left and end up being blocked on the end of the street by the parade which is still going on…Every Parade it happens.  People who have lived here all their lives still seam to think if they go down the street away from one end of the parade, they can get out on the other side…Maybe if they had turned right, they could have. 

Our street is a one way street…Today a bicycle Policeman rode down our street the wrong way to direct traffic that was backing down to the alley to get out…He was heard saying “I don’t know what they were thinking”.  Some sneak down the street and break into the parade to get out…Pretty dangerous when you think of all the children walking out to get candy….

I take my my camera every year.  I usually come home with hundreds of pictures.  This year, I wasn’t really excited about it.  Usually I have several grandchildren along.  This year, It was just my mother-in-law; and some of my neighbors who have moved in this past year. 

I only took 48 photos.

I haven’t decided yet if I am going over to the Fairgrounds this evening to watch the fireworks…I may go over and take my camera to see if I can get some good shots.  With the grandkids gone, it just doesn’t seem that exciting to me anymore.

Hugs and Love to all! 

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