Saturday, July 23, 2011

The warmth of a dream

I haven’t seen them or heard their voices in over a month.

But in my dreams, I have felt their hugs, wiped away tears and shared in their daily lives. 

I miss the grandchildren.  But they are busy living their lives.  Enjoying their summer vacation.  Going to the beach 3 blocks from their new home or playing on the video games.  They don’t have time to think about grandma.

They are thinking about the new school year coming up.  The friends they make when school starts.

My grand-daughter found 2 jobs, but when one (who only gave her 3 hours a week anyway) would not work their schedule around the other, she was fired. So she works the one job with more hours.  She thought she would really like living in Florida; but now she isn’t so sure.  All her friends are here and she has found herself missing them more each day.

I think the younger you are when you move, the easier it is for you.  Once you become a teenager, and in my grand-daughter’s case, a “social butterfly”, moving isn’t fun anymore.  It’s hard to leave your friends behind.  Harder to make new friends that you are as close to as the ones you have grown to love for their individuality, their “qwerkyness.”

And for the ones “left’ behind, it’s harder to fill the hole that’s left when someone leaves.

Mine is filled with dreams…..I will cherish the time I had…and dream

Hugs and Love to all! 

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