Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another day

Another day closer to the end of the month. I am patiently waiting for the 1st of July so I will have the money to pay my phone bills; since it’s obvious that someone doesn’t think I need the class action lawsuit check…Still no word on it.

I don’t know why I check the mailbox anymore.  Mostly junk mail, cigarette coupons….and I don’t smoke…and “Direct TV” or “Free Funeral Expense/Burial Plot” adds. (do they know something I don’t?)… I was kind of hoping for something a little more personal; like a letter from a friend or family member…like my Mother since my brother and family have gone back home. 

Since my cell phone has been suspended for almost 2 weeks, I am only allowed to receive incoming messages.  What good is that?? I can’t answer them! So I have been keeping it shut off and only turn it on in the evening to delete all the messages I couldn’t answer.

I finally got a letter from my mother today. She told me in the letter that my brother-in-law bought my younger sister a cell phone.  I had given her one that I had bought for my daughter since I had almost 8 months left on that contract.  My sister kept sending me a text message from a number I had never seen before.  Today I decided to use my home phone, which I plugged back in recently, and called the number.  Since she has a new phone, she no longer needs the phone I was paying for. She has it all boxed up and is adding some bath and beauty things that she received as gifts and doesn’t use but hadn’t mailed the box yet.  She told me a neighbor asked about the phone.  I told her if she can sell it, that’s okay by me.  That would give her the money to send the package to me, and if there was extra, she could send me the money.

I thought about giving the phone to one of my grandchildren…but they don’t contact me with the ones they have now. I also thought about sending it to my Mom.  My sister said she could hear real well on the phone when she was home, and since she had no long distance service, she’d be able to call the 3 of us that don’t live near her.  But she has always said that she hates cell phones, so I will save myself a little money.

So I decided to call my cell phone provider and cancel the service on that one.  That will save me about $30 a month, more or less. If my son does what he said, and get his phone transferred over to his name, that will just about cut my cell phone bill in half….but I’m not counting my chickens just yet. Do you know that even though I have had no use of my cell phones for over 14 days, I still have to pay the full month of service??  What a rip off!! My usage for this billing period is 4 minutes!!

Oh well, something else I pay for and never get to use….like my car that my son always has….

Hugs and Love to all!!

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