Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pass the Sleeping Pills!

I’m about to make all of you tired!!

First of all….Friday, I made my first batch of Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bakes….I had on hand oats and peanut butter and was trying to find something easy to make for the annual family reunion this weekend at “Old Man’s Cave”.  Yes, you can say it….I’M CHEAP!!  Actually, I’m on a very tight budget and really can’t afford to buy a lot of anything extra for 1 meal. If I had potatoes and onions and eggs….they’d be getting Potato Salad from me!!!

no bakes 001

I have to admit these were really good….just ask my son who has already devoured about half a dozen….I did make a second half batch and reduced the amount of sugar this evening… (or is it morning?? I don’t know anymore)..They are rich!! (Did I mention they are good??)

Then I spent Friday evening tracking Hurricane Irene on the Weather Channel as it had decided the East Coast needed a good storm.  After a few hours and knowing it would not hit my Hometown until late Saturday; I went to bed….perchance to sleep, to dream….Yeah right!!!  Saturday was the opening day of my favorite pass time…..FOOTBALL!!!!  (Oh come on! You knew it was coming!!)  I was ready at 8 a.m…..notice I didn’t say bright eyed and bushy tailed….just ready! 

Now in case you were wondering, I asked my friends who still live in Virginia Beach to keep me informed about the weather occurring in the path of the hurricane. One of the girls I grew up on the beach with has a friend who lives beside my Mom, so I was confident I would be kept up to the minute on “Miss Irene”.

If you have been following my blogs, this year was going to be “Exciting”.  Mother Nature was not kind to the Park where we play football.  The Parking lot had a “make-over”, if you will, because when it rains, the parking lot is generally not some place you want to park your car….unless you like dirt and mud….and getting stuck.  Well the “Brilliant Powers that Be” (i.e. Parks and Recreation “Contractors”) decided it was not a good idea to put a drain in the middle of the parking lot and pave it; but rather they spent thousands of dollars to grade it, put down weed block and several (^) inches of rock down…..Thus causing 2 major problems….

the Parking lot was now higher than the football field, so when it rains the water spills on to the football field and baseball diamonds creating a swimming hole since it’s already in a valley


and the rocks, unable to be packed down due to being on top of weed block, created a virtual “Rock trap”.  If you own a small car and not a monster truck, you can get stuck and have to be pushed (or pulled) out!

The solution was that they would turn the field sideways

Football 002 Football 003

without moving the goal posts this year….(Maybe they will fix the football field next year??) This means no field goals, and spectator  seating could only be placed on the one sideline nearest the Scoreboard….which all the spectators would have their backs to…..

I should have been an engineer….Even I can see this creates more problems…but people seam to work everything out. Huh? We’ll fix them!  we will put our chairs on the hill facing the scoreboard!

opening day aug 27 121

So I needed to be at the field at 8:30 to get one of the good parking spots on the small patch of pavement and not in the rocks….

opening day aug 27 008

Nine hours or more later, I went home….Tired from 4 football games where I rarely sit down, taking over 600 pictures of the teams, and some how getting “volunteered” to help sell 50/50 tickets….(What can I say? I am gullible!) Oh and did I mention parts of my body were a few shades darker? 

Tan lines 001 tan lines from my bracelets!

But boy did I get some good photos and make some new friends….I was “adopted” by the cutest bunch of boys! Here, you tell me….is this boy cute or what??

opening day aug 27 261

He is 2 years old, his name is Tyreese, he practices with the football team his cousins play for and he does 10 push-ups every morning!! The bottle was almost as big as he was!

So first thing when I get home, I carried all the stuff in from the car….Now get ready to be tired…..I downloaded the 600+ photos from my camera, took the spare battery up to chare it for tomorrow, Cleaned the abscess on my kitten that had popped while I was at football, created 3  sets of CD’s for one football team, sent 8 e-mails with photos attached, checked my Facebook, fixed myself something to eat, walked some sidewalk chalk over to the girl across the street, uploaded photos to my Facebook and checked my requests, let the dogs out, tried on the new outfit my mother-in-law bought me, texted my younger brother at my Mom’s, made half a batch of no bakes, visited with my mother-in-law for a few minutes, showed her how to block people and requests on Facebook, rubbed my sunburned down several times with “Banana Boat After Sun with Aloe and Vitamin E”, ( several times!) washed dishes, checked the news reports and weather reports for the Virginia Beach area, “borrowed” some photos to use here…

evac_obk_20110825155024_640_480 high-st-landing-ports-Jill-_20110827173605_640_480 Lynnhaven-Parkway-Albright-Drive-GOOD_20110827125622_640_480 norfolk_flooding_monticello_underpass_gary_owens_20110827164906_640_480 I used to ride my bike here

I shamelessly stole these photos from a Virginia TV station!!

 scott_20110827190446_640_480 Virginia_Beach_gets_re2eaf9b00-4f3a-4d75-b537-3dd46e9f5c880000_20110826000554_640_480 (2)

..and…..oh I forget what all else I did! But you get the idea….Oh Yeah! I wrote this blog!!.

Now it’s 1:30 and I need to get up in 8 hours to shower before the family reunion thingy…..and take more pictures to share with a family of idiots related to my husband…..

Hugs and Love to all!

If you don’t hear from me again, it’s because I’m in jail for trying to hide the bodies in the caves…..Come bail me out!





  1. im glad your family are safe, your none cook look great and they choc cant bet that
    take care

  2. Standing by for bail out! Couldn't get W/P reader working again so resorted to blogger for now! Your footie pitch certainly suffers in the bad weather but turning it sideways!!! Still as you're an enterprising crowd and can work it out lol...Tyreese is very cute too :) Well, glad you survived Irene and are safe and well...Wolfie hugs!