Saturday, August 20, 2011

Whoa! That was some Dream!!

Last night I dreamed I was living in an old mansion that was on the farm where I used to keep a pony when I was a teenager.  I was hanging out alone with an old friend of mine…Jose,,,(Quervo) ….Once upon a time between marriages, I would have a bottle of either Jose or his cousin Pepe (Lopez) around all the time.  I drank it straight…no salt, no lime or lemon….Once in awhile I would chase it with Sothern Comfort…..Those days are long gone.  It has been several months since my bottle of Baileys ran out (making milkshakes!) and I have not been near a store that sells liquor for quite a few weeks….so I know it was a dream.

In the dream, I got Mexican speaking stupid drunk….I remember friends coming to check on me, and I was speaking fluent Mexican when they were trying to talk to me.  I remember them helping me to bed and feeding me 2 extra strength aspirin and handing me a glass of “Virgin Mary”  (Bloody Mary- minus the Vodka) to fend off the hangover that I would surely wake up with….When I woke, I climbed in the shower and stayed until the water got cold, got out, brushed my teeth, gargled with mouthwash, brushed my teeth again (trying to get rid of the cotton someone obviously had stuffed in my mouth the night before) and repeated the 2 aspirin and Virgin Mary hangover cure…..

When I went downstairs, this gorgeous looking ,dark hunk of a Texan was fixing Juevos Rancheros, rib eye steaks, homemade biscuits and gravy and home fried potatoes…..A pot of coffee was brewing on the counter and a tall glass of orange juice was sitting near the refrigerator….See?? I told you it was a dream!!!!

First of all , I’ve never been to Texas, and the only Texan I knew was neither tall, dark or handsome!  And I have yet to meet a man who thought enough of me to get up and make a bowl of cereal for me let alone a full meal!  I didn’t want to wake from this dream, but it must have been around Christmas time because the “Little Drummer Boy” was playing inside my head.

Now first I have to tell you that yesterday I went to bed around 9 p.m…..I just couldn’t keep the tooth picks in my eyes to keep them open any later; so I was up at 3 a.m….and I played on the computer for awhile and had a bowl of cereal before I started yawning and heard my pillow calling me….(No really!  I did!!! Keep that guy with the net and the white coat away from me!!!) 

The next time I woke up was my usual time as of late….around noon….And that was from this wonderful dream….This time the bathroom was calling my name. 

And Boy was my head spinning!  I could swear that it had not been a dream and I actually was hung over!  I have been drunk in over 6 years!!! And I don’t get sick as a general rule…Once in a blue moon, I will feel a cold coming on, but that is usually those nasty summer colds or a winter cold.  So after stumbling to the bathroom holding on to the wall the whole way, I tried to sit at the computer for awhile but just couldn’t stay upright without feeling like “Ralph” would soon be visiting.  So first I lay on the chaise for awhile trying to find something on TV I could watch without having to get up and change the channel every few minutes….Didn’t work, So I went back up to my room and lay down.

After awhile and eating a sandwich for lunch, I felt well enough to go down and finish the Football banner I had started the previous day.  And here it is:

Banner #1 002

I am still not feeling at my best, but several hours in the sunshine have improved my balance and restored my stomach to a level of calmness.

Now, where did that Texan go??? I have some plans for him…….

Hugs and Love to all!!

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