Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To my Wonderful friend, Anne

A dear friend of mine whom I met through Windows Lives Spaces suffered a loss today.  A dear friend of hers, Kath passed away in her sleep.  Kath was her friend for more than 20 years.  Anne has been caring for Kath through hospital stays and home care givers for some time…

We knew the end was near as her doctors had already informed Anne it not be long.  Kath stopped eating and taking her meds….and spent much of her time sleeping, only to awaken to call out to Anne. No amount of caring and loving prepares us for the end of our days.  Kath has lived a long life and had such a wonderful friend by her side to count on.  Anne was Kath’s guardian Angel here on earth….Now Kath will be Anne’s in heaven….looking down on her and smiling at the wonderful person who cared enough to let Kath’s last memory be a kiss and kind words from someone she truly loved…..Kath passed away in her sleep the other night…..

To Anne, we are here for you through your sorrow and wish you pleasant and happy memories as you send your dear friend off to join the other Angels in heaven.  We love you and we send many hugs and kisses your way.

Remember all the good times you shared with Kath…..May they bring  a smile to your face and help you through this time of loss.


Hugs and Love to all….and to my dear friend Anne, I am so sorry for your loss.  You are a wonderful friend

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