Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sometimes I wish

I am so upset right now…..

I just had a phone call from my middle grandson.  I could tell he was crying.  Apparently his mother has not paid any of the utilities since she has moved to Florida and today their power was shut off.  They owe over $400. Their temperatures have been in the mid 90’s (around 34 C) and the humidity makes it feel 10 degrees hotter.  So they are without Air conditioning or even fans….and in the dark.  The food in their refrigerator won’t last that long and they have no way to prepare food.  They don’t have candles or flash lights; and their only means of communication are all powered by electricity.  For whatever reason, they have not been able to get food stamps.

I feel so sorry for them, but I can not help them from where I am.  If they were here, they could at least stay with me where we have food and power, but I don’t have any money to send to them….or I surely would.  Apparently my daughter has checked in to see if someone could help out and found no one.  Maybe her work will as they are a catholic hospital.  She still insists this is the best move she has ever made….The kids don’t think so now….

I told my grandson that maybe tomorrow he could ask someone to take him to the local library where he could sit in the Air conditioning and read where it was cool and well lit.  If he takes his cell phone charger with him, he could charge that there, too. Some libraries even have computers  you can use for a specific amount of time…All you need is a library card.

Then I asked about football…..neither of the boys will be playing this year.  The middle grandson went out for practice one day and collapsed in the heat.  He wasn’t used to playing in that kind of weather.  I told him that maybe in the winter he could either wrestle or play basketball to at least keep in shape and get used to the new climate. 

It breaks my heart to know they are sitting in the dark, in the heat and that they won’t be playing sports….


I wish I could reach through the phone and hug them…..

I  wish I could pull them through the phone and take care of them….

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