Friday, August 19, 2011

The Slacker

Okay…you can call me a slacker if you want.   I have let my blogging fall by the wayside this month but with good reason…..FOOTBALL!!!!!!

With my grandchildren living over 860 miles away and too busy enjoying living near the beach to remember dear old grandmother who is missing them, I have had to find things to make me want to get out of bed every day and go on with my life.  Believe me, it has been hard and not a day goes by that I don’t miss them and maybe even shed a tear hoping to hear something from them…I even enjoy getting “poked” by my grand-daughter on Facebook.

Racheal Naquan Playing in the sand Tyree at the beach

my grandchildren enjoying the beach (photos “borrowed” from their Facebook pages)

Football started the First day of August. Although I miss seeing my grandson on the field playing, it has become an outlet for me….a reason to take my camera and get out of the house for 2 hours a day.  I have had to endure many questions about my grandchildren and have put on a brave face when trying to pretend that I am happy for them….Don’t get me wrong! I am happy for them, but the sadness is that I am not there to see them or hear their voices….even if it sometimes ended in them arguing amongst each other.

July 26th 2011 014 Coaches at new player conditioning July 26th

Each day, Monday through Thursday, around 5:30 p.m., I turn off the computer, pack some drinks, grab the camera case and head out to practices. The first week the boys practiced without pads.  The  past 2 weeks they have been fully padded.  It has been interesting watching the progression and the changes that have been made in the boys and their attitudes.  Last year we had 2 cousins that the coached referred to as “Beavis and Butthead” as they seamed more interested in what was growing on the field (grass) than what was going on. This year it looks like they came to play. Our smallest player for the past 3 years, Tony, has grown….some and is now a receiver/running back to replace my youngest grandson….Whom coaches and parents alike have reminded me daily that they really miss….(Not as much as I do!) One of our corners from last year has had to step into the quarterback position and is learning plays, how to pass, etc.  And a reserve quarterback from last year has stepped into the position of center and is learning how to “hike” the ball to the quarterback….not an easy thing to do if you aren’t used to it. Imagine standing with your hands down beside your feet , your legs spread at least shoulder width (or more) apart and tossing a ball backwards to waist height of someone else….without actually seeing that person as your head is supposed to be up looking forward.  I suggest trying to toss a roll of toilet paper that way to someone!)

practice third day w pads 191 practice third day w pads 194

This was an extra exciting week for me….On Tuesday, they had a scrimmage against another team….a practice game if you will….to see what they have learned, what they need to work on and a preview for us spectators of things to come. The other team has a girl on their team who plays a line position.  I have known her mother from last year when her son played for the same team as he does again this year, and from basketball.  Although no one really keeps score, and the coaches act as referees, it ended in a tie game.

Vikings vs Bulldogs Scrimmage 006 Vikings vs Bulldogs Scrimmage 202 Taylin #45

Our girl from the past 2 seasons that we affectionately called “George” (in the words of one of our coaches “I’m not yelling “KiKi” on a football field”), has moved on to the Junior High level and is still playing football thanks to one of the Youth league coaches moving up to coach at her school.  (Last year’s Junior High coach told her she could join the team, but she would sit the bench.)  She asked if I would go to her 4-Way scrimmage on Wednesday and take pictures of her playing for the 7th grade team.  Now here’s how a 4-way scrimmage works…..there are 4 teams.  Team A & B  and team C & D each play 3 rounds each of 6 minute Defense and Offensive….Then they switch and team A & C play and team B & D play for the same amount of time….Finally team A Plays team D and team B plays team C…..So with water breaks and time outs to adjust players on the field…we are talking 2 hours of football.  (Now don’t forget, I still watch the Youth league practice when I am done here! Another full hour!!)


7th grade 4 way scrimmage 068 can you spot the girl player??

7th grade 4 way scrimmage 101 #9 is another former Viking who plays for the other Junior high in our town

And one of the boys who played for our team 2 years ago asked me to come to his scrimmage for the 8th grade team on Thursday!  Although I know many of the players from the past teams, on Thursday, most of them play on the same team this year. 

8th grade 4 way 004 #’s 6, 9, 41 & 66 are among just a few of our former players

8th grade 4 way 120#41 Tyler

The Blue and  Gold team is Ewing while the ones playing in Blue and White are Sherman players.  My middle grandson, if he was still here would be playing for the Blue and Gold Ewing “Senators”.

I have had something else to keep me on my toes too.  My brother-in-law found 2 wild baby bunnies and after an internet search, I was able to keep the healthier larger one alive for the past month.  He has now moved into the larger rabbit cages with the domesticated bunnies. He seams much happier, but my Shih-Tzu wonders what happened to the bundle of fur he would watch over.

July 21 011

And I have volunteered to do the Football banners again this year as well as the Spirit wear t-shirts for our team.  With the first game only a week away, I have it drawn out and half way painted…But I must run to the store for more paint….I hope the sidewalk is not as hot as it was yesterday….I ad to put socks on to keep from burning my ankles.  And the Flies were biting viciously!!

So I am still around….just busy….

Hugs and Love to all!!

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