Friday, October 15, 2010

Am i mad or just upset???

What a crappy day….

I woke up with another headache, my hip hurting and the beginnings of a good old fashion chest cold…coughing, achy, scratchy throat….you know the symptoms.  So I go through my morning ritual….Let the dogs out, make coffee, go to the bathroom, feed the dogs and turn the computer on…..When my phone rings….Now it only rings when someone needs me to do something anymore….I don’t get the “Hello, I was just checking to see how you were today.” calls or invitations to go somewhere and do something….Mine are usually “What are you doing in 30 minutes? I need……” phone calls….A 10 minute ride turns into “well it could be an hour wait” and before you know it 2 hours are lost.

I still have not learned how to say no….

And of course to top that all off….it’s Friday.  My car insurance is due tomorrow….so after I run my husband the 28 miles to the Flea market and back, I head to the store with the $100 he gave me (to last 2 weeks!)…On the way there, my grand-daughter calls for a ride to work.  She is working in the dining Hall at the Fair this week for her Culinary Arts class in school….All volunteer work.

So I get to the store, paper in hand to pay the insurance, in a rush to get back to pick her up in time.  I get to the counter and pull the money out…..and somewhere I have lost $20!!!!! Great!!! To top that off, the idiot behind the counter taking my money can’t enter the account number in right and the 10 minute trip now is 20 minutes and I’m calling the company to make sure I know my own account number.

Now not only am I out $20 I was going to buy food with, but I’m angry, pissed off and in tears. 

The only highlight of today was getting to spend 10 minutes in the car with my grand-daughter…..

I’m going back to bed. 


  1. Not a good day then...hope the weekend is proving a little more enjoyable for you :)Wolfie hugs!

  2. I hope your weekend is better
    Take care