Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog, Blog, Blog…..

Okay…it has been several days since I have written anything.  I have made lots of changes and so far I have been doing very good. I did return to football practices and talking with my many friends there.  It sure brightened my spirit.  It’s nice to know that a few people can’t spoil it for others.  No word from any of my grandchildren; my cell phone has been almost deadly silent but I am managing to make the most of everything. I hope I will get a letter from the oldest grandson soon, but I know the Army is keeping him busy.
I made the banner for Saturdays game, and I started knitting a spirit scarf in team colors.  It’s hard to be upset and knit at the same time, so it really helps to occupy my hands and my mind at the same time. I will go watch all 4 games on Saturday and take pictures of at least 3 of the games for friends.  I am working on a photo album for the coach of our team, gathering photos for the team video for the banquet and I will also work on a book for my middle grandson’s last youth football league year….although since I can’t talk to him and he can’t talk to me, I will save it for the apology I get when he does start talking to me again….I’ve decided since I did nothing wrong, I at least deserve that much.
Thanks to my mother-in-law, my laundry is done.  She washed, dried and folded 2 loads of my clothes and now is working on my husband’s clothes. She has nothing to do this week and volunteered to do them for us….which saves us from going to the laundry mat…and since she just lives in the duplex next door, we only have to walk out the door to get them. I want my own washer and dryer, but we only have room for maybe a stackable set. I’ll add that to my “When I win the Lottery” list. (LOL!)
Yesterday at practice they had what they refer to as “Senior Hit Day”.  It is when the 6th grade boys who are currently playing their last year of youth football get to choose 1 coach on the team to “Tackle”….Don’t worry, they use a tackling dummy….otherwise I think some of the coaches may have ended up on their behinds!.  My Grandson chose the coach who originally chose him in the draft over 4 years ago.  In a way, I felt it was some kind of a show of respect. The poor coach is suffering from a torn meniscus in one knee, so he used that knee to block the pad. The head coach received 3 hits! Which is unusual as he very rarely gets any! And the girl on our team chose the newest of our coaches.  One of the 6th graders was not at practice, so I am sure he will get his chance next week.
So as for now, I am once again in good spirits.  I have decided I am not going to worry myself sick over something I have no control over.  I have my memories to keep me warm….and the hope that someday, things will start to look brighter for me and will go back to the way they were….Some things will never be the same as some of the damage done can never be repaired…Some Relationships will never be re-kindled, and others will be strained…
But to all my friends out there, and you know who you are; Thanks for always being there with your kind and uplifting words.  I love you all!
Hugs and Love to everyone reading!       


  1. Great to find you in such an upbeat mood :) Have been trying to catch up with everyone but with people scattered around different sites now it's like being on a virtual merry go round! Have a good weekend :)

  2. You sound much better
    Take care of your self