Monday, October 11, 2010

Get It Off Your Chest Day

I am starting a new day.   From now on, Mondays will be “Get it off your Chest Day”.
Unlike Wednesdays “Rant” Day, Monday will be the day that you can get off your mind everything that happened over the weekend that you just can’t wait until Wednesday to rant about.
For me I woke up Mad this morning, after going to bed mad.  I had a pretty uneventful week; that is after football….but there were just some things that happened that really set me off.  I am one of those people that can’t say no when someone asks for help.  I drop whatever I am doing to help anyone who calls and asks a favor.  But I hate feeling like a door mat, or that I am being used.  I’m not a taxi service or a delivery  service and if I was, I’d be getting paid for it!  I am also not a message service or an information officer!  Don’t pass my phone number out to people I don’t know and have them call me to get a hold of you!  Don’t call me because I live near something and ask me their hours.  If you don’t have the time for me any other time, why bother calling me at all.  This past week was no different and I feel like I have just been a free service.
Friday, I went for a walk with my dog and my best friend; my camera.  After all….my camera doesn’t ask me for anything, it’s there for me when I need it and it is a great source of comfort when I am sitting alone and need something to do.  We walked through the Fairgrounds that was preparing for the County fair and headed across the road to the park.  My idea was to catch some of the fall colors; but the trees have all just barely started to change their “clothes”.  We have been having unusually warm weather for fall for the past several days.
A Fall Walk in the park 001 A Fall Walk in the park 009
The Fairgrounds was a bustle of energy….venders setting up their booths, ride attendants making last minute adjustments to rides and testing them out.  Hay and wood shavings being distributed to the various barns….And workers preparing their “home away from home” for the week. 
A Fall Walk in the park 008A Fall Walk in the park 007 
Football On Saturday….No complaints there….I visited with friends who don’t expect anything out of me except friendly conversation…and watched 4 football games…
Usually, I buy a fair 6 day pass….it saves the price of 1 days admission.  This year, I couldn’t afford the pass, so I went on Sunday, the free day.  I may be able to go Wednesday with my son, and Friday when I do have a little money to spend.  I get the Pumpkin Funnel cake, a Pork Loin Sandwich and the Loaded Potato Fries from 3 different venders: and there is always the “Fair Food”…cotton Candy and fried candy bars!….“Free” day is usually pretty slow.  A great deal of the exhibits are closed for judging, most of the animals are still coming in, there are no special events such as horseshows, tractor pulls or concerts…Even some of the places that were set up, would not allow people to venture in before noon.  One lady was quite rude about it.
The fair 004 The fair 002 The fair 003
The fair 005 The fair 008 The fair 013
So after a short walk around, I returned home…Knowing I had probably just made a big mistake by walking so far on a hip that has been really giving me fits lately…Three days in a row of standing for long periods and walking is sure to make it scream even more.
Then my youngest son really set me off…He has lived here at home since graduating college and up until now, I have been the one paying for everything.  For the past 18 months, I have been out of working and looking constantly for employment to no avail.  So things are a little tight.  Instead of being able to go to the grocery store and fill up a cart, it is more like go pick up whatever $40 will buy…He gives me $40 every 2 weeks to “help out”….and most of that goes to pay his cell phone bill on my contract that I have been paying for for the last 3 years!  He has decided all of a sudden that from now on, instead of giving me money, he’s going to buy groceries! He spent over $114. Among these, he bought about 5 boxes of cereal; 2 of which only 1 of my son’s eat.  He later raised all holy cane after one box was eaten in 2 days!  I was so angry about him making a stink over a $2 box of cereal that I have sworn I will not eat any of the food he has purchased….There are things in the cabinets that he didn’t buy that will be enough for me to eat….and if not, I will just go hungry.
But of course, It is Monday….and I was expected to do things for people once again that don’t have anything to do with me the rest of the week…The difference is, today I am not doing it!  I will only do what I want from now on!
Hugs and Love to all my true friends!


  1. Oh dear! You have not been having the most joyful of times have you? Try battling with W/P when the clock is permanently against you! You wanna hear my rants! Maybe we should get together and have a nice litte "lose it" know...the headbanging screaming banshee tantrum type?! lol ;) Tail wagging hugs and hopes for a better week :)

  2. I started saying no some time ago and it feels sooo good. I was tired of being used, but of course we have no relationship either. I don't give a rippppp.

  3. Hummm..seems to me that everything that is bugging you is legitimate. You are SO right to feel that way.It is so hard to say no, but I'm coming into a new age..I just turned 61...I have started stating my opinion...nicely. It shocks some people when I say no!