Monday, October 4, 2010

Chef No Tell

Recently on “the Darkside”, a friend was talking about making “Creamy Cheesy Potato Soup”.  I was following along on the comments when another friend asked for the directions and ingredients.  Being from the south, my recipes develop as I cook them.  I don’t measure anything, I taste….I look….and I have others taste….She mentioned “Chef No Tell” (no telling what goes in!).

If asked to, I can give general ingredients for my recipes.  But they change on my mood…and what is in the cupboard.  One day when making meatloaf, I may add ingredients I didn’t the last time; and so on. So the girl who mentioned the soup said she adds cream of celery soup to her.  My friend said it would be a 40 minute trip to the store for her to pick up the soup, but she had celery.  I suggested that if she sautéed the celery with the onions and bacon together, she could probably do what I do….add a can of evaporated milk and some instant potato flakes to thicken the soup a little.  This just happened to be some ingredients she already had at home.  Before you knew it, she had everyone’s “noodles” working including her own on what to add to her soup.  You could almost smell the crock pot’s ingredients as they simmered together.

My dad was a cook in the Navy, many moons ago.  He’s been gone for 7 years (has it really been that long??) but I learned some valuable lessons from him….One is to improvise.  Another is to know when to stop….There is a fine balance between just the right amount of ingredients, seasonings, etc, and too much.  My suggestion is to sample….And start with a big pot…..


Love and hugs to all who read this!


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  3. YUMM on the soup, it sounds really good. I can see the text fine.

  4. Hi, found you on Arlene's and I'm following you. I finally got a theme that uses white type. I don't change the color cuz I change themes often. Soup sure sounds good and it's my kinda soup.

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