Saturday, October 9, 2010

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! oops! Did I fall asleep again?

It’s been a long, long day!

Went to football at 9 a.m. and after 4 games straight, I finally got home…..after 6 p.m.!

First thing I did was notice a stack of canned goods on my table.  My youngest son went shopping and the cabinets and refrigerator are full….8 boxes of cereal…..Hmmmmm, only 1 that I eat among them (frosted flakes).  I noticed he bought a lot of hamburger helper….but no hamburger….

Then I get on the computer to download the 3 memory cards of Football photos.  There were some nice surprises in today’s games.  First game was ours.  The team we had to play has been a sore subject at the field.  At first, they weren’t happy unless they played their first string through the entire game and beat every other team by over 30 points….Normally, if a team was that dominating, the coaches would pull their first string after they scored 18 points and use some of their younger players to even up the field a little….After all, this is youth sports and they want the boys to continue playing; not get discouraged and drop out!  Then their was the weight problem….certain positions have weight limits. To monitor this, there is a weigh in before the first game, after the 5th game and before the championship play-offs…After all, kids grow.  Would you want your 40 pound third grader getting hit by a 120 pound sixth grader??? I think not. Low and behold, when one of their players was well over his weight limit, his playing was restricted to certain positions….But his attitude only got worse.  I have never before seen such poor sportsmanship out of a 12 year old, his brother and his coach/father!  All of a sudden, this team started losing, and when they did win, it was by just a few touchdowns, not 5 or 6! This boy was encouraged by his father to kick, punch, pinch and by any means necessary get the other teams’ players on the ground or out of the game……There is one slight problem, our coach is Vice-president of the league and could probably state the rule book word for word if asked.  So when the other team decided to throw the rule book out, play was stopped while the coaches, referees and league board members made it perfectly clear what the rules were….Stretching an 8 minute quarter into a 37 minute quarter! After clearing that up, the other team still reverted back to dirty play, rule breaking and had several unsportsmanlike conduct fouls called on them to the point that the 2 boys had to be removed from the game so they would not be suspended for the first 2 play-off games…..But that didn’t stop them from calling parents on our sidelines names!  When it was all said and done, they still got beat by our team!

second part V beats C 012

Vikings Beat the Cowboys 058 my youngest grandson with the ball

Vikings Beat the Cowboys 001 My older grandson with the other 6th graders.

The next game was a nail biter. no score in the first half at all.  We were determined to stay to see which team won, as they would be our opponent for the first play-off game….Now we have only lost 3 games; These 2 teams have lost 6 a piece and are the 2 teams directly under us in the standings so far….I didn’t really care who won as I have friends who’s sons play for both teams.  Unfortunately, the friend’s team I sat with, lost. I know 5 families who have children playing for the Hurricanes, either through my grandchildren, or as friends I have met through football. And I know one family from the other team.

Saturday Oct 9 053

The third game was another upset. The Number 7 team who had only won 2 games, beat the second place team who had only lost 2 games….now 3. I sat with yet another friend who’s son was on the winning team….taking pictures of all the friends’ sons….

Saturday Oct 9 116

And the fourth game was a team I will always hold dear in my heart… It was the first team my oldest grandson played for for 3 years….And was second place in the league the last year he played….This year, they are undefeated….And I am glad for them.  The coach and his family are dear friends and he has had several medical problems this year that may or may not keep him from returning to coaching next year.  If he doesn’t return, it will be a great loss for the league.  He has coached since his boys first started playing….They are grown, in college and some have gone on to play professional basketball in a European league (no, I don’t name the team they played for!).

I never meant this blog to be this long but decided if I waited until the morning, I would probably be just as tired then.  So I got right down to it.  Now I can rest easy…knowing I have kept my friends informed as to why I was “lost” all day….

My bed is calling my name….although sleep may not be what I find….My mind wanders, and just laying there in the bed I think of many new things to tell everyone….So I will soon be back.

Hugs and Love to All!     


  1. When players don't abide by the rules, they should be put out of the game and penalized.

  2. LoL :) Hamburger helper but no hamburger!! Oh dear! lol ... your photos look great against this background...shame the same can't be said for the attitude of that other team. Need their "heads cracking together" my mum used to say to us when we were little! ;)

  3. We try to teach our children to be polite, be good sports, to treat other people the way they want to be treated and to stand up for themselves. When parents encourage bad behavior and poor sportsmanship, how do these kids grow up to be good citizens?