Sunday, October 17, 2010

Now what did I do??

Don’t ask me how, But somehow I have managed to do it again. I have provoked the evil ugliness (formally known as my daughter).  I don’t know what I did to get her all riled up this time.

The County Fair  started a week ago and Saturday was the last day.  I went the first day i opened because it was the only free day to get in and my money has been tighter than you know what.  For the past several days, I haven’t felt well anyway.  I started getting a scratchy throat and then a cough which means I was headed for a nice case of a severe chest cold.  So I have been staying home as much as possible….

The only time I go out during the fair anyway is when it is absolutely necessary because as soon as you pull out of your parking spot, there is some vulture too cheap to pay for parking at the fair grounds, circling the block waiting to pull into your spot. That’s the down side about living a block away. It comes in handy during parades as I can see the beginning and the ending of the parade just by walking the length of my street. (of course usually the parades last 2 hours so I can’t see all of the parade twice.!)

Anyway, back to my story….My middle grandson, the 12 year old , called me about 4 and asked me if he could use my phone while he was at the fair.  You see, he is in middle school, and all of his friends have unlimited texting (and so do I) which seems to be the norm these days.  So I walk the phone over with the usual cautions; “Keep in in your pocket on the rides, don’t drop it, don’t lose it and don’t let anyone else borrow it….Call me on your uncle’s number when you are ready to go home and I’ll come get it”.  Then I go back home, rub some “Vick’s Vapor rub “ on my chest and under my nose and go back to bed. 

At about 8 p.m., the other vulture, known as “Starvin’ Marvin” (my youngest son) is circling the bed….He has decided it’s time for “Breakfast at Dinner time”.  He wants French toast until I inform him the one thing he didn’t buy was syrup, so I suggest fried potato and onions.  He says he’ll make bacon, eggs and toast to go along with that.  While I am downstairs cooking, I put a call into the grandson to see if he has any idea when he’s leaving the fairgrounds….He says when it closes at 10!  I remind him to call and go back to watching the potatoes.

When I don’t hear from him by 9:30, I start walking to the fairgrounds and put a call into my phone.  My grand-daughter answers….She says they are already at home and I should come there to get the phone….Now remember, I have been banned from entering my daughter’s house since graduation in June…It would be a stop out in the street for me.  The house is dark, but I can see the shadow of someone standing in the open front door.  My grand-daughter runs out and says “pretend you are handing me a chap stick.”  Uhhhh….Okay?!?

As usual, whenever my grandson uses the phone, the first thing I do when I get it back is delete all incoming and out going messages.  (have you ever tried to read over 20 messages sent between teenagers??) Then I notice my niece sent 2 messages while he had it… So I read them first  then delete them, and I read the reply that one of the kids sent back to her….This could be bad…Now, I am not saying my niece actually sent the messages, but someone using her phone did… Apparently, they ran into one of my grandsons at the fair and started talking to them.  My grandson did not recognize whoever it was, and they sent a text about my grandson being “alone” at the fair and talking to “strangers”; and how my “daughter” would really have a fit if she knew that.

So let me clarify this. My daughter took her 3 children to the Fair and dropped them off.  Two of them had cell phones, and when I took mine to the middle grandson, I told him to take the phone he had (a Safe-link) to the younger boy; so all 3 then had cell phones…in a place patrolled by policemen. I was not concerned for their safety, and apparently my daughter was not concerned either…..Why my niece (or family member) was is beyond me.

Anyhow, it stirred up a hornet’s nest.  The next thing I know, I am getting nasty messages from my daughter about “keeping her name out of my mouth” and “stay the hell away from her children-or else”.  I told her I had no idea what she was talking about….because, really, I didn’t!  I was at home, in bed, sleeping minding my own business! (Oh and by the way…my daughter would not let my grandson call home from my phone one day at football because she didn’t want me having her number!, and she sends me 2 messages from her number……)

I sent a message to my niece’s phone asking what had happened, and then I told her politely to keep her nose out of my daughter’s business because the only person that got hurt was me!  Now I can’t see my grandchildren! 

I am just hoping I can get through the next 2 weeks of football, and then the banquet in November without her calling the police on me for some stupid reason….

This probably just screwed up my chances of going to Kentucky in November to see my grandson graduate from Basic Training…..and I didn’t even do anything!!!!

At least my grand-daughter can message me from the phone she has that I pay for….but it may be a long time before I ever get to see my 10 and 12 year old grandsons outside of sports; in public places that she can’t prevent me from going….without a restraining order.

So here I sit….I can’t sleep…I have been up for over 2 hours after going to bed only 4 hours ago…..I need my friends!

Hugs and Love to all of you!

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  1. I hope thing work out for you, so that you can see your Grandkids,Take care