Sunday, October 31, 2010


Football is over…..That is the games have concluded for the season…And now I am sad.  No more seeing my grandsons play football until next July.  Maybe by then they will be talking to me again.  They still won’t even look at me.  The Football Banquet is  November 12th and I will go to that no matter what.

Vikings vs Cherry Street Playoff 049 the older grandson in 3 point stance

Vikings vs Cherry Street Playoff 132 The youngest grandson carrying the ball

Last night was the play-off games.  As usual, I made the banner for the team to run through.  My mind must be off because for some reason, I thought the game was at 6….I left my house at 20 minutes till 5 and got their just in time.  The game started at 5!  I was rushing around doing things and didn’t get to take a photo of the finished banner.  The good thing is, there is a man from a local company who takes photos of some of the games.  He got a shot of most of the banner….The only thing is he has a web  business and charges $2.99 for a 4 x 6 photo reprint!  (I am in the wrong business because I have some of the same shots he does and I have been giving them to the parents!) We won third place with a score of 20 to 6…All the players and cheerleaders received medals for the win.  The Cheer coach came up to me after the game and thanked me for all my help with the 6 or 7 banners I have made for the team….and she gave me a medal! Some one appreciates me!

medal 004 medal 002

I talked with several parents and I will probably sit with them during the banquet.  The girl player, (“George”) had an interview with a news paper reporter on Thursday and was front page news today.  She had told us that she talked to a coach of the Junior High team about playing next year.  He told her she could join the team but she would sit the bench.  This is how the coaches wanted to advertise that she is one fantastic player and maybe, the junior High coach will acknowledge her talent by seeing it in the paper. The photographer even had a web album dedicated to just her.  She worked hard for the past 2 years and even played this year with a bruised sternum that she received during one game.

So my next step will be to keep checking both the Biddy Basketball and Youth Wrestling sites for their schedules and rosters.  I have been told that both grandsons will play Basketball for the South Elementary Stallions, and I have also heard that the youngest will also wrestle again this year.  My daughter may be able to stop me from talking to them, but she can’t prevent me from going to public games and matches.

For now, that will have to be enough for me.  Watching them grow both as young men and in talent from the sideline….and taking my best friend, my Camera to keep my memories….

Hugs and Love to all my friends reading this!

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  1. Perhaps you could work freelance for that photographer, I am sure if he sees some samples of your game pictures he would be only to glad to let you cover some matches for him which would free him up to go elsewhere and double his takings by being effectively in two places at once.
    I know you are resourceful and will manage to see your grandchildren in their activities one way or another. But I have an idea that you are going to have to take a deep breathe and be strong to get over the looming xmas period. I wish I could drum some commonsense and family value into your daughters head, it makes me so cross how they all are.