Monday, June 27, 2011

The little things

Without the grand children around to share things with, I am beginning to learn to take pleasure in the little things.

Saturday, my mother-in-law had a “Mary Kay” party.  I don’t wear make-up….I don’t go out anywhere to wear make-up.  So it’s very rare for me to even buy any kind of make-up….But my niece is trying to make a little extra money, and she was the one selling the “Mary Kay”, plus my sister-in-law came with her and it was a chance for me to get out of the house with some adults for a few hours. 

She put on her little talk, the few of us that were there put on some of the make-up, and in the end I ended up spending a little money, that I probably shouldn’t have.  I bought a facial scrub and a light weight moisturizer that has sun screen in it. Everyone complimented me on the make-up, but it really wasn’t enough to make me feel “special”.  For $20 one should feel special!   We had a light lunch, and I was given some of the leftovers to carry home.  It’s just me and my middle son at home for the weekend so it will make for several meals.  Nothing special, chicken salad, hamburger buns and potato salad….

When I went home, I got back on the computer to view my facebook and see if there were any new “important” updates….Like something really important was going to happen in 2 hours…

I had posted some pictures of the new kitten and a friend asked if I was going to put a collar on it so if it got out, people would know where to look for it’s owners…My cats don’t wear collars in the house because I am always afraid they will get somewhere they shouldn’t be and get hung by them.  I think it’s fairly safe to say that the kitten won’t be doing that anytime soon. So I went looking through my “secret highly safe” storage spots….Only to find memories that needed to stay hidden as they just made me cry….my youngest grandson’s “wife beater” A-line t-shirt, my lost mini-pin’s t-shirt, and some assorted kids toys….Through the tears, I got back on the computer.

The only thing that really caught my eye was a web cam picture of the youngest grandson.  within a few minutes of viewing that picture, he must have turned the we cam on just for me….For there was a short (under 2 minute) video.  I saw all 3 grandsons, (well about half of the oldest from knee to chest) their 2 dogs and about the same portion of my daughter…with sound….The daughter was doing her usual; drinking sweet tea and yelling at the kids. But the important thing was, I saw the kids and heard their voices…I wish I could save that forever.

The little things….

I hear talking outside my window, and it turned out my brother and sister-in-law were next door installing a printer on my mother-in-law’s computer….Something she wanted and probably will need help in operating later.  She is connected to the internet thanks to my wireless connection, and needs help at least once a week because she “can’t” get on….because she never shuts her computer off….just lets it go to sleep mode.  But those in-laws have never made me welcome.  They live in town less than 2 miles away.  I don’t get invited over there, they don’t call to see if I need anything, and they rarely talk to me….unless they need something.  I’m better off without them.  I’ve lived here 9 years and can probably count on both hands how many times I have been to their house…and 3 of those times were graduations for which I took photos and gave them CD’s.  They don’t recognize my birthday or give presents for any occasion…but they are the “Chosen” ones….

I hope my grandson will send me more videos….

Until then, I will hold on to this one….

Then today I get on Facebook and see the youngest has posted a picture of him in a chair with his left foot bandaged and a pair of crutches.  Seams he tripped off his deck at home and sprained his ankle.  He said he’s keeping the crutches because they are “cool and fun”….typical boy!


Hugs and Love to all!!!

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