Saturday, June 18, 2011

On Daily Blogging

With nothing to do without my grandchildren around to pamper, I have taken to trying to write a daily blog.  Some have come to me as I lie in bed trying to sleep- others just flow out as I sit at the keyboard.I start with an idea…Some of them require more work…Sometimes a little research for a date or a photo..while other come straight from the heart.
Remember when you were growing up and “every” girl kept a diary??  Back then, they were small books with a key where we wrote our most private secret thoughts…then hid the book where no one (except maybe our Mom when she was cleaning our room or changing the bed linens) knew where it was.
diary with key
Oh the things we would write….
There’s a cute boy in my class. I wonder if he notices me.”
My parents are so mean!! They won’t let me wear make-up like the other girls at school!”
My brother is a real pain…And nothing he does is ever wrong”
“My teacher is so stupid.”
And then we’d add our own little art work…hearts and smiles, flowers and animals….Back in the day before stickers….
Arabian_horse_head_sketh_by_spill_milk 4355898_5515dab3d9 heart KroySquare FlowersDragonfly-1
When we were in school, it was called a journal.  Sometimes we were given a title or a subject to write about…
“How I spent my summer Vacation”
when I grow up, I want to be….”
But these were a little less private…after all, we knew our teachers would collect them and read them. If we were lucky, we’d get them back without the dreaded red pen marks of corrected spelling or grammar or the “Did Not Follow Topic….You can do better”
And now as adults, we write “Blogs”.
Only now we share them with others all over the world.  We invite comments.  We console each other in times of sadness, depression and anger.  We laugh with each other, at each other or even cry with each other. We share photos, jokes and sometimes even “Spread Madness” with each other.
And I wouldn’t change a thing.
I really enjoy sharing with everyone.
I have met some wonderful people, now friends, all over the world, through Windows Live Spaces, Facebook and now these blog pages.. I have viewed life through the eyes of others. And I think we can all say we share so much of our lives that we “know” each other as if we have always been friends.
Thank-You my friends! I say that proudly as I consider each of you a dear friend.
Hugs and Love to all!!


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